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Husband Forgot Wedding Anniversary


Ways by which you can remember anniversary dates

Life is not at all a bed of roses rather it is a bed of thorns, we get busy and forget many a things in our life and ignore the things which bring happiness, like our anniversary dates, if your husband forgot anniversary date then there are ways to remember anniversary dates better.

A point comes in our life when we start forgetting our name, because the life become so hectic and hard to carry forward, we hardly get any time for ourselves, as all the time we are overloaded by shoulder breaking responsibilities of our family.

remember anniversary dates

Life becomes a race in which we need to keep on moving all the time with time, or time will outrun us and will win the race, so, once we get busy in such kind of stuff we start forgetting small things which means and holds a very important place in our lives.

The things like remembering dates are one of those important things which matter a lot for our better halves, as for them, they feel very special if you make them remember certain dates from your calendar year which was special, as those days hold a lot of meaning and importance in their life.


Especially for the married men, it means a lot, as you need to remember some of the dates like your anniversary date, your first date, first kiss, date of engagement, her birthday, her family member’s birthday, first child’s birthday and even the birthday of her pet.

And if by chance, you forget any of those dates believe me you are gone, so, inspite of all the hardship in your life don’t ever forget to forget even one of them, and if you do so then get ready to sleep on the crouch every coming night.

If your husband forgot wedding anniversary then he can follow these points to remember:-

  1. Use a calendar


Someone rightly said that old is gold, and it is not possible for some of us to use modern gadgets to remember those dates, so, they can utilize calendar to make their reminders of such dates.

If your husband forgot wedding anniversary then he can use a calendar.

But don’t do it on a regular calendar, have separate calendar with you keep it somewhere in a private place where your partner can’t access it, as this will show them your affection towards them as on the regular basis you won’t be forgetting such memorable events in your relationship.


As you just go with the waves of the life and you don’t even notice how swiftly days and months flow by and you get trapped and become the prey for your spouse.

May be you are too busy in your life but in spite of that if you are able to refresh those moments again then surely will have a great life ahead with your partner.

  1. Keep a journal


Inking down all the good things happened in your life is the best thing one can do in their life, as if it’s your regular habit then at the end of the day you will have lots of memories which you can cherish all the way round.

And in the same way you can have a journal for this purpose of remembering the anniversary dates and save yourself form the misery of your partner.

Sometimes husbands forget wedding anniversary dates so keeping a journal could be a very helpful to remember the anniversary dates.

Whenever anything special happens between you two then note it down in your journal and have a regular check at it and can save your day and can be the best way to remember anniversary dates as well.

  1. Utilize technology


Nowadays science and technology is so advance that it has given ways to the every needy, and the poor partners especially the husbands, and what can be a better option to remember anniversary dates, as there are many gadgets and applications available in the market that can help you to keep the reminders of all those events which is important to you two.

My husband forgets anniversary date that’s why he also uses reminder function in his smartphone.

You can use your phone and put some memos or kind of alarming remainders regarding those days of your life which created some of the best moments and memories of your life.

And if you don’t know how to access those things then better start knowing it, as it’s the best way to remember those days and to refresh it.

  1. Reduce stress from your personal and professional life


The main reason that you forget the important dates from your life is, not that you don’t cherish those moments rather it’s your stress that makes you forget those dates.

If your husband is suffering from stress because of it he may forget the wedding anniversary date. So firstly, you should  try to make him feel relaxed.


So, What you can really do is, just try to get rid of some of the things which brings you in stress, I know it’s very difficult these days to remember anniversary dates.

So, you can try some of the meditation techniques of yoga or the things which makes your happy like having some good time with close and old friends, have some gala time and go for a movie or you can even try your hands in a game parlor.


Remember he is human after all. Friends, there are many things that goes on ones mind and and there are millions of things that has to be thought of, so, it may happen that we forget some of things and it’s natural as well and it doesn’t mean you will start bullying the person you love.


As, we don’t forget it deliberately those dates, so it’s my earnest request for all the partner out there to please stop over reacting in this kind of stuff, just cheer up and enjoy it fully.

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