Why First Anniversary is So Important!


Happy-Anniversary-Sayings First Anniversary, whether it is the first date anniversary or  the first wedding anniversary it is one of the most important days of a couple’s life, as it is a significance that you have successfully overcome the issues of beginning stages of a relationship and want to be together for the rest of your lives.

Especially for women, the first anniversary means a remembrance of all the first things that you have done together, like first meet, first kiss, first date, etc. So to make this day a special anniversary gift for your better half, I am suggesting you some of my ideas of a perfect first anniversary celebration and the gifts that you can share.

This is a day to relive the old memories, you can start your day by gifting the same flowers that you gave her on your first date, take her to the same restaurant, have the same wine, etc. and as I said, relive your first date. I bet your girl will fall in love with you all over again.

In case you feel this idea is very cheesy, so here are some more. You can plan a romantic night at home. After all nothing is better than home where you can just be yourself with your loved one having home cooked dinner with a glass of champagne in a candlelight room, dancing on your favorite music and don’t forget the dessert which can conclude your night with a beautiful memory of your first anniversary.

Some people believe that a one set of vows is not enough for the whole life because people change and the time as well hence along with time, the vows should also be changed. So what can be a better day to renew your vows than your anniversary day? Just take a piece of paper and start preparing new vows for yourself and ask your better half to do the same. This way of celebrating your anniversary will not only show your love but also reflects that you still care for them.

First anniversary is also known as the Paper anniversary, as paper represents strength of the relationship. According to this, some of the perfect gifts for the first anniversary are like the first edition of your beloved’s favorite book, tickets to a concert, game or a show and my favorite, is the handwritten love letter expressing all your beautiful lovely feelings for your beloved.

I hope with these ideas and your own planning, you can have a memorable first anniversary. If you have any other ideas, then please do share with us, I’ll be more than happy to know them as well.

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