How Important are Looks to a Man


What is your opinion? How Important are Looks to a Man

Have you ever heard about love at first sight for men? Well if it’s true, then do looks matter to men? let’s find out ourselves.

Gone are those days when people used to say love is blind, may be it was true at that time, but now the situation has changed, the air which we inhale has changed, and today if you say love is blind then I don’t know about others but I will surely laugh at it.

do looks matter to boys

Have you ever thought how important are looks to a man?

In today’s date love is no more blind, as we fall in love with the one, whom we find attractive, and that attraction comes from the looks, so, friends looks do matter in a especially relationship, as looks matter to men.

And, if you gonna be gender specific and ask me that do look matter for men, then I think you are wasting your time because the answer will be yes a straight forward yes, looks do matter to men in  a heartbeat.


If there is a group of girls in which one of them is slim, beautiful and wearing a hot outfit, then surely all the men are going to fall for her, in many of the relationships, it starts from the first look what you get after looking at her.

Do you know how important are looks to a man?

If a boy is single, and he is willing to go on in a relationship with a girl, then he will be seeing and shortlisting many of the girls according to his wish list and surely the girls, who is having the best of the looks will get better ranking from the one who don’t have good looks.


Now, you will be saying that looks are secondary thing, what should matter in a relationship is the soul and the inner self of a girl, as that’s what defines who a girl actually is, true, very true indeed, but I guess you don’t have a scanner to scan the inner soul of a girl, so at first you see them, shortlist them, choose one of them finally, and then you carry on the relationship further.

So, do looks matter to men, then what does a man notices in a girl when he look at her:

  • Figure and personality

Would you like to know how important are looks to a man?

Well it’s the truth as most of the men go for the figure of the girl, as no guy will approach a woman, who is fat and have a short stature.

It’s completely natural and obvious that we go for the one,which soothes to our eyes first, and the men of today’s generation likes flat plasma TV not old television set.

  • Glossy eyes

It’s the most catchy part of a girl, that attracts the most of the men just in a single stare, guys eyes do speak a lot, and one can find and know the secrets about a girl by simply looking at her eyes, as her eyes has the glimmer to set everything on fire.

  • Wavy hairs

The hairstyle, shades and specially the length of the hair can make any guy go crazy, as the way she moves is being copied by her hairs, when her hair moves in a certain way or when the wind carries her hair believe me it kills.

  • The million dollar smile

A smile is a curve which sets every thing straight, but in case of men they even get tangled when they look at a girls smile, and men do like the cute pretty smiles of girls.
Always smiling girls are like smiling assassins who can take down dozens of men with just a smile.

And it’s really hard to imagine and accept the fact that one can neglect all these facts and go on in a relationship, if any man is telling you this, then there can be two reason, first: he must be lying, second: he haven’t got the desired girl he would have liked once, that’s why he is telling you all the things.


But in case of girls this is not true in every case, as if a man is protective, or he is having a heavy pocket, he is sensitive and ambitious and successful then they surely girls don’t care about the looks of the boys.

Yes, I do agree that looks do matter for the men but up to a limit of time, as when the relationship progresses then this feeling of looks and physical attraction fades away.


A study was conducted over 1000 men and women in the United States. And they were asked that, how important is physical attraction in a long term relationship, and the results were interesting.

The survey showed that it was the first seven year of relationship the physical attraction matters, but as the time passes by, the physical attraction is slowly overshadowed by emotional attachment, common interests and care for each other.


And when you are going to date someone then surely looks matter but if you continue that same relationship with the same person then may be after 10 years down the line you do not feel the same way as you did earlier and you get connected with her on a very different level of attachment.


So, guys I don’t deny the fact that do looks matter to men, it matters, as it’s the looks by, which you go on to have a relationship as it’s the starting phase of a relation.

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