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Do Look Matter to Girls


Because first impression is the last impression

What is the biggest reason behind love at first sight? Most probably it is because of mind blowing looks. So, do look really matter to girls?

The most typical one liner you have ever heard about love is, love is blind? Do you really think about the same way?


Well, in my personal opinion those days are long and gone when love used to blind. In modern age, where everyone is looking for an appealing partner, love can see, listen and feel everything.

In today’s age love is something that states your interest, judgement and preference towards your partner. Although, I am not denying anything, infact, I am agree that love at first sight exist.

But, in theses days, attraction is the new definition of love. And attraction includes your attire, your facial hairs, your expression and your overall personality.


In case of girls, I can assure you that look really matter to girls. Specifically in modern age, good looks and charming personality matter to girls.

In case if you are feeling confused and having many thought in mind, We are going to tell you 7 things that a girl look in a boy or in short, things that matter to girls.

1. Height and Personality


Sorry short boys but this may hurt you. In today’s age, having a tall height with pleasing personality is like a golden combination.

Well I am not denying that fact that short guys are not the choice, surely they are but having a tall physique is a golden thing that really matter to girls.

2. Hairs


No wonder people are spending lots of money on this. Handsome guys love to spend lots of money to make things better and they are right about it.

There is no hidden secret that your hairs matter a lot. There are many types of hair style available and you can choose wisely that suits on you.

3. Facial hairs


Not demotivating clean shaved guys but this one is coming from my personal experience that girls prefer guys with facial hair over clean shaved.

Although, neither me nor those girls justify the majority of all girls but somehow i believe that there is a revolution of beard among guys and that is appreciated by girls because it matter to girls.

We have No Shave November as an example that how fast the trend of having a beard and mustache is growing day by day.

4. Walk


It really matter how you walk. It was used to be a big deal in job interview and other things but it matter to girls a lot now.

Your walk generally reflects what you are. It reflects your attitude and your approach. These things are bit sophisticated but it matter to girls.

5. Smile


You should never think that only boys can die for girls smile. Girls care about smile too. It matter to girls a lot.

Just like your walk, your smile reflects your manhood. Some guys have sweet smile while some have bit arrogant smile and that is a lot to flatter a girl. Because smile is something that connect hearts of each other.

6. Ornaments


Many of you may not believe but ornaments can do wonders for you because these things matter to girls.

Your ornaments can make you a well dressed person but it can ruined your personality as well. So think wisely before you wear any of your ornaments.

Basically ornaments depends on the type of person you are, if you are a stud kind of person with good physique, then a tattoo on your shoulder will work as a beast for you and if you are a casual corporate world handsome, then a beautiful watch is must for you.

7. Cloths


In my opinion this is the biggest thing that matter to girls. People judge the way you look and there is no way you can deny this statement.

Your cloths define what you are, who you are and what is background. It is also  true that people create mindsets on first meeting and that first feeling creates the last impression and your cloths helps to create that impression.

Your cloths can make you a well dressed handsome person or a homeless drug addict. Like ornaments, selection of cloths is too tricky and complicated. Choice is yours.

Well, these were the things that define that in today’s age neither love is blind nor it is stupid enough to fall in love without looks.

In case of girls, I strongly believe that these things matter to girls in a positive way. So guys, stay healthy, stay attractive.

This is all we have for now. What are your views on it? What do you think? Do look matter to girls or is it just an assumption?

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