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Should You Be Yourself Or Your Best Version


Don’t let your inner beast sleep, be the best of your version

Should you be yourself or your best version? In today’s generation where everyone is seeking for a top quality life, everyone is looking to search this answer. Here, the point is, how to be the best version of yourself without being a hypocrite.

As the time change, mentality and persona changes. It is just a normal phase of passing through one segment to another segment of life.

It was never about being the best version of yourself but it is all about being the honest version of yourself. In general, being yourself is all about accepting your flaws and your inner beauty and our fundamental values of life.


Although, change is the only constant in the world, but for being your best version, it is only possible when you start to realize and accept the honest version of yourself.

Your honest version may not going to be appreciate  by many people. But this is what is it. Doesn’t matter how hard it is and how ugly it is, you have to accept it. Because you can’t be the best version of yourself before realizing it.

It is something related to realization point which helps you to create a basic framework of your inner capabilities and flaws.

Once you are done with realizing the honest version of yourself, it will always be easy for you to be your best version.

And for finding out the best of your best version, these 10 tips will help you to find out your inner beast.

1. Know yourself


One basic thing you need to do to be your best version is to identify yourself. You should know what you are? who you are? what do you like?

This is one of those things that will help you to identify yourself and your value in life.

2. Be Positive


Stop being that kind of person who attracts negativity in life. Life is short and very sensitive, there is no space for negativity in your life.

For being the best of your best version, you need to wear a positive mask all the time. Be a positive force that no one can defeat.

3. Build your network


Heavy and fruitful network is always essential in order to achieve goals of your life.

Meet new people, identify the best people you can have in your life. Try to build a heavy and wonderful relation with them. You are going to need them definitely.

4. Be Super fit


An unfit person can never bring the best out of you. Forget about being the best, you can’t even compete with the world with your unfit body.

Try to do some regular work out. Be more straight and discipline. A healthy body is the house of healthy wisdom and for being the best of your best version, you need to do that.

5. Be mentally prepare


Having a six pack abs or an attractive figure will never work for you. You need to be mentally mature and prepared for being the best of your best version.

Mentally, you need to be prepare on that level on which every obstacle and complication in life seems so small and nothing can stop you.

6. Stop looking for magic stick


There is no shortcut of success, whether you like it or not but this is the harsh reality of life that there is no replicate of handwork.

Instead of looking for short cut and magic tricks in your life, focus on the combination of hard word and smart work. These things will always help you for being the mightiest of your best version.

7. Celebrate small things


You don’t need a heavy crown to celebrate your happiness. There is no way you can justify or label happiness in your life.

Celebrate small things such as, first pay, first anniversary, shopping, family trips. These are the most valuable part of our life and these things will help you for being your best version.

8. Don’t be afraid of failure


Try to take bold steps and never be afraid of failures. If you able to apply this formula in your life, then trust me, nobody can stop you.

Nothing is permanent in life, not even your pain and your failures, always thing the brighter aspect of failures in your life.

9. Learn to say NO and to listen NO



You should always be ready to say NO to certain things. Your time is precious and there is no need to waste it.

And just like that, be habitual of listening NO from other. Don’t consider this thing as your insult but an opportunity to learn about priorities.

Generally people feel uncomfortable to say No to anything and later suffered. You need to develop this habit in yourself to be the best of your best version.

10. Keep learning


Arguably the most important thing you need to do to be an invincible force is to keep learn new things in your life.

Just like hard work, there is no substitute of learning. A person should never stop learning new thing that may help them in the long run.

Will all the discussion we have, one thing I would like to highlight is that you don’t need to change yourself for being the best of your best version. All you have to do is to reprise your inner traits and use them in a positive way.

This is it for this topic. What do you think about it? Feel free to comment in the box below.

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