Amazing facts about Dessert Recipes




The Dessert is always referred to a sweet dish that concludes any food. Earlier these desserts were small course to end a meal buy now days they have become a major course of people’s diet in this modern trend.  Desserts are not only used for finishing a meal, but they also form an integral part of worship by offering them in the places of worship in India.

Origin of Dessert:

In ancient times people have used the fruits, honey comb and nuts also termed them as natural desserts or natural candies. In 3000BC, ice cream was invented by Chinese and Europe expanded its techniques. In the year 1381, first apple pie recipe was printed. In the year 1400, Ginger Bread was invented. In the year 1600, the French created Pralines. In the year 1700, Eclairs with a cream center and choco topping released and in the year 1740 first recipe of cup cake recipe was released. Even though meringue and lemon custards were common earlier, in 1800 first lemon meringue recipe was released. By 1800s the ice cream recipe was very popular among people. In the year 1910, first individual ice cream parlor was established commercially. In the year 1920, various freezing technologies evolved in America and Europe which made frozen foods popular in the market.

Ingredients of Desserts:

Usually the Indian desserts use sugar, milk and khoya as main ingredients in most of their desserts. There are few more common ingredients like flour, dairy, eggs, and spices which are used for preparing desserts. The moisture, tenderness of these desserts is gained by the addictive sweetness of the sugar or the sugar agents. The starch component or flour used in most of the deserts helps to attain the desired desert structure. Desserts may also be added with different spices in order to get the desired flavors. For example salt is also in a certain desserts just create a contrast in flavor between sugar and salt.


Varieties of Desserts:

There are various categories of desserts which complete a feast namely fruits, dried nuts, cakes, pies, chocolates, candies, cookies, custards, puddings, donuts, frozen desserts, pastries, cheese cake, etc. These varieties are based on their taste, look, manufacturing ways, usage, etc.

Cakes: These are really sweet tender breads made of delicate flour. There various types of cakes available in the market. They are sponge cakes, dense cakes, small size cup cakes and petits fours.

Chocolates and Candies: These are prepared by the crystallization of sugar. Caramel, Toffee and Marshmallows are different types of chocolates and candies available in the market. Recently the home made chocolates have made a good trend in the market.

Cookies: Soft chocolate chip cookies, layered bars and crispy meringues are the different form of cookies. Cookies are generally called as baked little cakes.

Custards and puddings: Custards are thick dairy base prepared with eggs which is the main reason for their thickness like flan and crème brulee.

Donuts: These are deep fried dessert which is commonly in a shape of circle with a hole at the centre. The square shaped donuts are called as fritters. These donuts may be filled with fruit preserves, cream, custard or other sweet fillings. Now days donuts also take up the shapes of twists, rings, and balls.

Cronuts: Cronuts are similar to Donut which was introduced in the year 2013 at New York City. It is a combination of croissant and donut. These are usually dough that is sugared, filled and glazed.

Frozen desserts: Ice cream, Gelato and Sorbet are the three major frozen desserts. Ice cream is a frozen cream base which is churned to create a creamy consistency. Gelato is a milk base frozen dessert which has less air than in ice cream. Sorbet is not a dairy based which is made from churning fruits.

Pastries: Pastries can be of different two types. The first one is unleavened dough with a high fat content and second type is light and flaky bread with an airy texture. They are usually eaten often with tea. They are also eaten along with fruits and chocolates.

Pies and cobblers: These are either a pastry or a crumb with a filling. The filling used may be simple fruits to puddings.

Miscellaneous deserts: There are several desserts which never fall into any of the above categories. For example, even though cheese cakes are similar to custard they are named as cakes.

Varieties of Desert Culture:

There are varieties of desert culture which have originated from different geographical regions. The word “dessert” is the general term commonly used in United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand the United Kingdom and Ireland. The terms “sweets” or “pudding” or “afters” are alternative words used in India, United Kingdom and other commonwealth countries including Hong Kong.

Deserts doesn’t have geographic boundaries

Dessert has always varied with each culture representing regional and ethnic cultures. Every country has desserts distinctive to their nations or region. For example, “Churro” is a deep fried sticks of dough which originated from Spain but very popular in United States of America. The Spanish Shepherds are also being used as a substitute to bread in America.

Thus the varieties of desserts based on the origination are American desserts, Argentine desserts, Bangladeshi desserts, Brazilian desserts, Chinese desserts, Indian desserts, Italian desserts, Pakistani desserts, Sri Lankan desserts, Turkish deserts, etc. Now all these deserts of various originations are available in almost all the countries and people are able to enjoy the delicious tastes of different geographies without boundaries.

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