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10 Categories of Family

categories of family

Categories of family that has changed everything

Love, affection, caring and mutual support. These things defines the categories of family. These are the most basic things we need in our family. It is something, that has become a need of the hour.

Family is a group of persons, with whom, we share our life, and not just share our life, we spend each and every moment with them. These are those things, that makes our life much better and joyful.

categories of family

There was a time, when the traditional family, which was also known as the nuclear family was considered as the bench mark and a prototype for all the families.

Later, the concept of joint family was introduced in the several parts of south Asia,

With the evolution of mankind, the whole style and the whole classification of the categories of the families has changed a lot

In the past few years, we have seen an unprecedented growth in the rise of different categories of family. Which are as following.

Categories of family

Family structure is very wide and deep, we are going to tell you the most common and popular categories of family in the world.

1. Nuclear families


Nuclear family structure is considered as the most oldest and traditional concept of family structure.

It is one of those categories of family, that is considered as the old school structure of this concept.

In nuclear structure, families generally includes, husband, wife and a children. This is also known as the characteristics of modern society.

One of the best parts about nuclear structure, is that it is considered as the best form of a child upbringing, as the child receives, quality amount of parenting in this form.

2. Extended families

extended family

Next in the list of categories of family, we have joint family. This one is a large in size. In this structure, many members live together and works for the same goal as one.

An extended family structure, generally consist of  many members, such as, mother, father, children, grand father, grand mother, uncle, aunt and others.

There may be many reasons, behind forming this kind of structure. Such as, large family, historical beliefs and financial conditions.

3. Single parenting families


Single parenting families are those categories of family, in which a single mother or a single father, raise a child, on their own.

One of the main characteristics of single parenting families is, that it doesn’t allow any interference of other parent in the life.

It is often being despised by the society but there is no doubt that it is a game changer in the society.

4. LGBT Families

LGBT Parenting

LGBT includes those family which have, lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender in the family.

It is also called as the same gender family, where same sex parents raise a child in their respective families.

As a matter of fact, there are around 2 million LGBT families in the whole world.

5. Childless families

childless family-

Family is incomplete without a child. This is one of the most common requirements to form a family.

But, there is a large group of those families who don’t have children in their lives. Such families are known as childless families.

Although there are many ways by which a couple can a baby, such as, adoption, surrogacy and others.

6. Step Families

step family

Step families include those families, who are married to a new partner but up bring the child, they have from previous marriage or relationships.

This concept generally face a lot of complications in life but with the help of love and affection of each other, they can overcome everything in life.

7. Unmarried families

unmarried families

In my opinion, this is the most growing form of families structure in the world. Unmarried families are formed through live-in relationships.

In unmarried families, the unmarried couple live together as a family without marrying each other.

It is believed that, there are around 1.7 unmarried families in the world.

8. Grandparent families

Grandparents family

On 8th spot, we have grandparent families in our list.

There are many families, in which grandparents raise a child and fulfill their basic needs like normal parent does.

One of the main reasons why the need of the grandparent families occur, is due to many reasons. Such as, death of the parents, separation of the parents and other reasons.

9. Gross- Generational Families

Cross generation family

Next we have is gross- generational families. It is highly popular as well. It is one of those things that are growing as well.

It is believed that around 2.5 million children under age of 18, live with one or more parents in theri grandparents home.

1o. Patrilocal family


Last in the list of categories of family, we have patrilocal family.

It is that category of family, in which a bride goes to resides, in the house of groom’s father.

Above mentioned are the main categories of families exist in our society. There are few types of families styles as well, but those we have mentioned above, are the most popular and general.

This is all for now. What do you think about categories of family? What are your views on these categories of family?

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