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Disadvantages of Joint Family


Disadvantages of  joint family

Joint family is one of those topics that has been prevailing in our society for a very long time. But the point is, it doesn’t come along, there are many disadvantages of  joint family.

Joint family is one of the most effective systems of mutual support and caring for each other in the form of family.


Joint family is an extended group of people, where large number of people lives with each other under one roof.

Precisely, in joint families, large number of people lives in a same house and share common belief and common relationship with each other.

Joint families relevance


It basically depends on which part of the world, you lives. In Asian continent, the system of joint families are highly popular.

Countries like India, China, Pakistan and Indonesia, where the culture of joint family system is still very much relevant.

Whereas in North America and Europe, it is depreciating, day by day.

There is no doubt that this whole concept of joint family is very much popular, but we cannot deny that, it has too many flaws.

Joint family system suffers from too many complications and problems that nobody can avoid, and few of them are following.

Disadvantages of  joint family

1. Lack of freedom


One of the biggest problems in joint family is that there will always be lack of freedom we are going to get.

As a human, we all have desires to do something, some boundaries to cross, but in case of joint family, it is one of those disadvantages of  joint family, that you will definitely face.

2. Lack of privacy


I don’t know about you, but for me, privacy is a very important issue and it is one of those disadvantages of joint family, that are bound to happen.

It will not take to be a rocket scientist to figure out that, in joint families, there will always be lack of space for yourself.

We all want to spend some time with our self and this is where the problems in joint family begins.

3. Partially affects the upbringing


I am not claiming that this is bound to happen but in my personal observation, I always felt that most of the time the upbringing of a child affects due to joint family.

It is obvious that, with large amount of members in the family, it is very hard to pay proper attention to each and every child, hence it affects the quality of upbringing.

4. Comparison


” You need to perform better than your brother”. “You need to cook better than your sister, she cooks well and you don’t”.

These are some of those comparisons, a person has to face living in joint family. It is one of those disadvantages of joint family, that overall affects the child.

5. Overload of expectation


When you have good amount of members, living, breathing, eating and competing under one roof, things are bound to get serious.

This is one of those disadvantages of joint family, that are bound to heat the things under joint family.

6. No chance of being a decision maker


Living in a joint family, you may affect your leadership and your decision making.

It is not because, you get affected with the environment, but with the legacy, joint families possessed.

In joint family, it is generally observed that even your thoughts are not yours. You can’t take a decision by yourself, you need to consent with elder one’s all the time.

7. Lack of balance


It is one of those disadvantages of joint family that may affect you in the long run.

It is generally seen that, there is always a lack of balance in these type of families, specially in work and financial conditions.

8. Strict rules


It is generally seen that joint families are much strict and disciplined than as compared to other categories of families, that are imposed on family members.

There are numerous reasoned behind it, such as, orthodox mentality, old  legacy or anything else, but this is surely one of the biggest disadvantages of joint family.

9. Irritating members


This one is quite hilarious but it is one of the most common disadvantages of joint family.

There will always be someone in your joint family, you don’t like, or they don’t like you. Reason could be anyone, but trust me, it is very irritating to deal with those kind of members in joint families.

10. Generation gap

generation-gap as problems in joint family

In my opinion, this is the biggest disadvantages of joint family a person will ever face.

As the time changes, a person change, and with these thing, a person’s lifestyle and mindset also changes.

It would be glorious for you, if you have a better understandable family but in case if you are dealing with an orthodox strict family, It is a kind of challenge for you to fill that generation gap in joint family.

These are some of the main problems in joint family that affects it and this is why it is depreciating day by day.

This is all for now. What do you think about the disadvantages of joint family? What are your views on these disadvantages of joint family?

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