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The Fall of Joint Family in India- 10 Reasons why it is Falling


10 Reasons why joint family system is failing in India

There was a time when joint family was considered as the trademark of unity and strength in India, however, there are many reasons why it is falling.

Joint family is one of the most orthodox systems of family in the whole world. It is a that type of extended families in which, maximum numbers of family members, live and spend their whole lives under one roof.


Joint family basically includes many generation living together, as it includes, mother, father, son, daughter, uncle, aunt, grand mother, grand father and others.

India has always been considered as the house of joint family system, there was a time, when joint family system was considered as the bench mark and the hall mark of the unity and strength in the whole nation.

One of the main reasons why it has always been everyone’s favorite, is because of the traits and benefits of joint family.

But over the past few years, we have seen an unprecedented rise in the adaption of the nuclear family concept.

Instead of praising nuclear family concept, I should say, that the concept of joint family system has seen a horrible downfall.

There was a time, when joint families used to live together, with happiness and mutual love and respect for each other.

But the things are changing now. Not only joint families are failing in India, but they are failing miserably.

So, what are the reasons why it is falling, who is responsible for the downfall of joint family.

10 Reasons why joint family is falling in India

1. Drama and disputes


One of the biggest reasons why it is falling in India is because of regular drama and disputes, everyone suffers in a joint family.

It is generally believed that, one of the main reasons why joint family system is collapsing in India, is because, people want to get rid of this pointless drama and disputes in life, related to property and daily activities.

2. Industrialization


Industrialization is also one of the main reasons why it is falling in India, joint family system was basically initiated in the British raj.

But since then the industrialization had done in India, it has also resulted in the flow of rural population to the urban areas.

3. Urbanization


One of the main importance of industrialization was, is that it also leads to the urbanization in India.

Urbanization basically gave people a lot of opportunities, to step out of their joint families and to live according to themselves.

4. Education


In my personal observation, this is what I find the biggest reasons why it is falling in India.

Things have changed a lot here. India has become one of the most education concerned countries in world. With that thought in mind, a lot of people are deciding to skip the joint families, in order to gain better education.

5. Better upbringing

better upbringing

It is one of those things that have shifted everyone’s attention from joint families to nuclear families.

Nobody wants to take any short of risk when it comes to their children’s upbringing and it is one of the main reasons, why it is suffering.

6. Lack of privacy

lack of privacy

Privacy is something that needs to be there in everyone’s life. And this is something not happening in joint families.

With lack of privacy in joint families, people are deciding to look after new alternatives of joint family.

7. Modern transport facilities


Due to lack of transport and communication tools, people were forced to live with each other, in a joint family.

However, in this modern age, people can easily move from one place to another place in order to search new opportunities in life, hence it is resulting as the down fall of joint families in India.

8. Adaption of western culture


Western culture is one of the main reasons why it is falling day by day. Western culture is one of those things that indirectly leads to the nuclear family concept in India.

Several things such as liberalism, mannerism and individualism are one of the main things that has happened with effect of western culture.

9. Intention of better living standard

better standard of living

The world is changing, and with this changing world, we are changing as well.

There was a time, when people use to get satisfy with few things, but in modern age, the desire of better living standard has risen to an unparalleled level.

And to attain that level of standard, people are getting out of their joint families.

10. Various legislation

various legislation as The Fall of Joint Family in India- 10 Reasons why it is Falling

Apart form above mentioned points, there are various social and legal legislation that has also become one of the reasons why it is falling.

These laws are The Hindu Law of Inheritance 1929, Hindu Women’s Right to Property Act 1947, Special Marriage Act 1954 , Hindu Marriage Act 1955, are the name of some of those rules, that has become one of the main reasons why it is falling.

Well, doesn’t matter, if joint family system is collapsing, there is no doubt that it also has very important benefits, that nobody can ignore.

This is all for now. What do you think about the reasons why it is falling in India? Do you have any suggestion?

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