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Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family


Differentiating joint family and nuclear family

For over few decades the topic of joint family vs nuclear family, has been discussed on several platforms, with lots of pros and cons in each side, it is very difficult to choose one option.

Just like a coin has two sides, this whole concept of joint family vs nuclear family, has two different aspects.


One aspect tells us how good these two types of families are, whereas the other side, highlights the drawbacks these two topic possess.

When it comes to family, it means everything to us. We dedicate everything we have for our family.

Although, there are many categories of families, but out of them joint family vs nuclear family, is highly popular in the entire world.

One of the main reasons why this is whole concept of joint family vs nuclear family, is so popular in the whole world is because of the traits and the differences it posses.

Before talking the difference, lets have a quick look on what this is all about?

Joint family


Joint family, which is also known as the extended family, is the group of large number of family members, living and expanding their lives under same roof.

In this family, more number of generation lives together, that includes, mother, father, son, daughter, uncle, aunt, grand mother, grand father and many more.

Nuclear family


The concept of nuclear family is whole different and modern. In nuclear family, least number of family members live and share their lives under one roof.

This generally includes, mother, father, son and/or daughter.

Joint family vs Nuclear family

Over the past few decades, this whole argument of joint family vs nuclear family, has taken a new spot, with lots of relevant points in each side, we are going to tell you, what is it all about, that will help you.

Following are the main points that will justify this whole argument of joint family vs nuclear family.

1. Size of the family


One of the few things, that decides this whole debate of joint family vs nuclear family, is the size of the family they posses.

In joint families, the size of the families will always be very high than as compared to nuclear families.

Joint families generally includes many generation in a family, that includes, mother, father, son , daughter, and many indirect relatives.

Whereas nuclear family is small and limited, that mostly consist genetic members in the family.

2. Financial conditions

Financial conditions

Financial condition also differs in joint family and nuclear family.

In joint family, it is very rare that you will face any crisis in your family, since there are more number of earners in the house, but there is always a lack of transparency in it.

Where as in nuclear family, you may suffer some financial crisis but there is always a stability of money in nuclear family.

3. Privacy


In this whole argument of joint family vs nuclear family, this is where I believe, nuclear family enjoys an upper hand.

In nuclear family, you have less number of family members that will knock your privacy. but in case of joint family, things are different, you are going to get disturbed by someone, most of the time.

4. Particular focus

particular focus

It is nearly impossible to focus on a certain member in joint family, as it contains lots of family members.

Whereas in nuclear family, this is possible and can be implement easily.

5. Liberty


Liberty and freedom are one of those reasons why this whole argument of joint family vs nuclear family, has risen.

It is generally believed that the foundation of a nuclear family is based on the principle of freedom and liberty to the members of the family, which basically everyone miss in the joint family concept.

6. Discipline and strictness


This one may differ according to the environment of the family has.

In joint family, it is believed that, discipline and strictness is the biggest key to handle and to hold a family.

Whereas, it is believed that nuclear families are comparatively less disciplined and more liberal.

7. Mutual support

mutual support

Here, joint family takes a clear lead. It is because, in joint families, there will always be someone to hold your hand, there will always be someone to guide you and teach you a right path.

Here in nuclear family, the number of members will be less, so there will be less chances for you to gain mutual support. This is one of the main reasons, why members of nuclear families, suffers from mental depression.

8. Comparison and animosity


There is no place for comparison and animosity in the family. And this is why family suffers.

It is always believed that, people living in joint family has to face a lot of comparison and animosity with each other in family.

Whereas, nuclear family is free from all these things.

9. Family dispute


Family dispute is arguably the biggest reason, why this whole comparison between joint family vs nuclear family has been brought in to the table.

A family living as nuclear family, has almost zero amount of disputes and dramas in life.

But in case of joint families, things are totally different, here whole family has to face a lot disputes in the family, such as property dispute, family relations, jealousy and many others.

10. Recent trends

recent-trends in Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family

I would like to sum up this whole debate of joint family vs nuclear family, by putting some highlights on recent trends regarding joint family vs nuclear family.

The whole concept of joint family is the oldest and the mots orthodox concept of family in the world.

But in the past few decades, we have seen an unprecedented rise in the adaption of nuclear family concept in the whole world.

Countries like United States, Canada, Britain, France and Australia, has adapted this concept long time ago. Whereas countries like India, China and Indonesia is also running after nuclear family concept. Overall it is growing day by day.

Well, this was just a comparison based on facts and logic. It is all up to you, which side of the fence, you want to ride on.

This is all for now. What do you think about this topic of joint family vs nuclear family? What are your views on joint family vs nuclear family? Which one seems better?

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