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What is Family


Family- The greatest force in the world

One of the most important aspects in our life is having a family. The word ‘Family’ is just a simple word, but its meaning and effectiveness is very deep.

It is something, that means everything to a person, it is one of those special thing in life, that makes us complete in life.


Various sociologist, refer this term as the most important aspect of a person and the most important institution of a society.

One of the main reasons why they consider this term that important, is because of the fact that, it is considered as a tree where everyone love and support each other throughout the lives.

One of the main aspects of a family is to share, love, affection, belonging and care for each other in life.

But the point here is, what is a family? What is it all about?


In the most precise words, family can be defined as a group of people, living together and sharing, physical, mental and psychological bond with each other.

Or in other words, it can be defined as a group of people, living and sharing their lives with a group of people, they are physically and nonphysically related to each other.

Who form a family


Traditionally, a family is formed by consisting a father, mother and a child. This is one of the most basic requirements to form a family. There is no limitation of maximizing the size of a family.

The concept of having a mother, father and a child is not new, it has been since ages, and has been successful all the time.

But in the past few years, we have seen an unprecedented growth in the rise of different categories of family.

Family is something that always served as the strength in our life. Family is a bond, a last longing relationships that holds our life with each other.

Various roles and responsibilities in a families

One of the main things in families are, the roles and responsibilities played by the members. It is generally believed that these are the main roles and responsibilities of various family members.

Father                –     Main male/ Parent

Mother              –    Main female/ Mother

Son                    –    A male child

Daughter         –    A female child

Brother            –   A male sibling

Sister                 –  A female sibling

Grand Father   –  The father of a parent

Grand Mother  – The mother of a parent

Husband           – A male spouse

Wife                   – A female spouse

One of the best parts about families, is that each and everyone member has its own role and responsibilities.

Characteristics of family

1. Group of people


One of the main characteristics in families are, a group of people lives together as a family.

Or in other words, we can say that, in families, people live together, as a one unit.

2. Physical relationship


Why we easily understand that, what our children wants to say? Why we always figure out, why we cuddle, fight and love our siblings so much?

It is because of the genetic relationship we share with our family members.

3. A form of marriage


Well, there is no doubt that in families, a form of marriage is also a part of characteristics.

One of the main reasons why, is because of the fact that, mating relationship can only be established, with the help of marriage. Doesn’t matter, what kind of marriage it is.

4. Source of nomenclature


One of the most common and but interesting parts about, families are, is that it helps a child to get its own identity.

As a matter of fact, each and every family identifies itself with a name. And it always have a system of name giving where, they give name to new members.

5. Various categories in it


This whole topic is not short. It is wide and large. As far as the classification of the families are concerned, it has many types.

Nuclear, extended, single, LGBT, step, unmarried, grandparents. These are the main categories of families.

6. Mutual support


Support from the loved ones always makes us strong and confident in the bad phases of life.

Trust me, you wont get a better supporter in your life, than your family.

6. Love, affection and caring


Arguably, the most essential and basic requirement we all need is love. Love, affection and caring is something that always keeps us high in our life.

It is one of the most common things, we share in our life .

A family is something, we all consider as a unit of love and mutual caring. It is a tree of economical and emotional cooperation in life.

Our happiness is largely depends on our families. We are strong as one.

This is all we have for now. What do you think about it? What are your views on it?

Feel free to express your views by commenting in the box below and for more articles related to love, relationship and parenting, stay in touch with Anniversary Roses.


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