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What is Nuclear Family


What is nuclear family? Let’s unfold it.

Family means everything to all of us. It is something, we consider as our biggest investment. And this investment matters more to you, if you are living in a nuclear family.

Families are something that defines, who we are. It is one of the biggest things, we ever get as a human.


Do you want to know what is nuclear family?

The best part about this topic of families, is that it is so large and deep. Family has many categories and, each and every category has a lot of pros and cons.

One of the most popular topics in the history of family is, nuclear family. The whole topic of nuclear family, is arguably the most discussed topic in this category.

Sometimes, labeled as nuclear family Vs. joint family, this is one of the most debated and the most heated topics, ever discussed.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that in many aspects, nuclear family is far superior than as compared to joint family, and we all have witnessed, how drastically, the graph of family pattern has changed in the whole world.

So, what this topic really posses? What is nuclear family?

Nuclear family


If you want to know what is nuclear family then this article clearly defines the meaning of nuclear family.

In short and simple words, we can say that nuclear family is that type of group, that includes the least amount of family members in the family. It generally includes, mother, father, son and/ or daughter.

Or in other words, it is a small family, that includes mother father and their kids. It is strictly small and disciplined than as compared to joint family.

Origin of nuclear family

If you go through the following paragraphs then you will understand what is nuclear family and when origin of nuclear family started first.

This whole topic is not new. It has been in our society since ages. People from difference parts of the country have opted for nuclear families, in the very early period.

But it is believed that, Merriam Webster, was the first person, who coined that term. She coined this term in 1947.

Facts about nuclear family


There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the whole concept of nuclear families is very popular and modern, it also has some astonishing facts, which are as following what is nuclear family and facts about nuclear family.

1. In 2011 national census, it was revealed that percentage of nuclear families in India is 71%.

2. In 2013, it was revealed that, around 19 million families in the United Kingdom are living in nuclear families.

3. Around 28 million American are living in nuclear families, according to a national report in 2004.

4. Finland is said to be the country with most nuclear families in the world.

5. Significantly proven, it is better for child upbringing.

Just like all the things, nuclear family has its own flaws and positive aspects. But more importantly, it has few characteristics, that makes it much better and different from others.

Characteristics of nuclear family

These are the most important and valuable characters, which tell you about what is nuclear family and benefits of nuclear family.

1. Limited members


One of the biggest characteristics of nuclear families, is its size. It is comparatively smaller than as compared to other categories of families.

It generally includes, mother, father, and their kids. It is short and precise. To have this size of family, always makes nuclear families better than the others.

2. Goal oriented


In my opinion, this is the biggest character that nuclear family posses. One of the main reasons why a person decides to opt a nuclear family, is because of some goals in mind.

These goals could be related to, better life style, better education for children, financial forecasting and many others.

3. Freedom and modern oriented


Freedom and modern child upbringing are two of the key elements that played a huge and crucial role in nuclear family.

It is its element to provide liberty and freedom to the members of the society.

4. Common religion


This one is pretty common that you are going to have same people with same religion they are following.

Moreover the religion, it is their activities, behavior and lifestyle that doesn’t differs from others.

5. Universal acceptance


Just like I have mentioned above, that the whole concept of nuclear families is not new, it has been since ages.

And drastically, it has become a pattern in the whole world to embrace nuclear family for many things.

Reasons could be so many, it could be related to the betterment of future, it could be related to education or anything else. But it is scientifically proven, that it has universal acceptance.

6. Love and affection

love-and-affection in nuclear family

Last but not least, we have love and affection. This is one of those characteristics, that you will find in every category of  family.

Love, affection, caring and mutual respect for each other is something that is a core character of nuclear family, and without these characters, it cannot survive.

There is no doubt that the topic of nuclear family, is unique but it has its own positive and negative aspects.

This is all for now. What do you think about nuclear family? What are your views on nuclear family?

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