How to Get Over a Friend – 7 Tips to Handle it Properly & Move On?


Best friend breakups are heart-breaking goodbyes. So, you must learn how to get over a friend.

They are more painful than romantic relationship breakups as it feels like you’re losing your mirror image, your soulmate.

You lose the only person you turn to whenever a minor inconvenience happens in your life. Platonic relationships are intimate, full of love and affection, and so, separation is no less than a trauma.

how to get over a friend
How to get over a friend

Getting over it isn’t easy. It will take time but what if things have happened for the better?

If you’ve lost your best friend, I know, it will take you a lot of time to pull yourself out of it because accepting you lost someone you wanted to be by your side ‘forever’ is exhausting.

But someday, when things finally don’t look gloomy anymore, and you do better than you ever did, maybe you’ll realise that the breakup was indeed a blessing.

But how to cope breaking up with a friend you love? How to get over a friend? There are certain ways that can help you get started. Let’s find out.

How to Accept that a Friendship is Over?

Sometimes friendships can turn toxic and lead to breakups. It isn’t a good thing to be dealing with in your life but hey, here’s the reality check: everyone, yes, me too, has sometime or the other lost a friend they had promised to be forever with.

Even then, this is no excuse for you to feel the emotional turmoil and hence, here are few ways to find your way through the loss and be yourself again.

1.     It is a loss but do not force yourself to end your relationship with your friend.

Choose closure only when you are ready.

When a relationship reaches a dead end, it is normal for a person to seek closure, and it is the first step to get over a friend.

It is necessary and healthy for both the people. But you shouldn’t force yourself to do so, otherwise instead of dealing with the situation with maturity, you may end up making it worse.

Both of you may end up ending things between you on a tragic note. And that is the last thing you would want in your life with so much chaos already.

So, make sure you end things with your friend when you’re calm and composed, ready to put a fullstop like a sensible person.

2.     Accept that not every BFF is truly meant to be there with you forever.

If you want to learn how to get over a friend and move on, the first thing you need to do is accept the situation you are in.

You gotta accept the fact that just like not everyone you love is meant to be in your life forever, not every best friend will make it to the end with you.

Maybe they’ve failed to be the person they should’ve been as an individual and as a friend but no matter what, you accepting it, will make coping with the breakup easier.

3.     Spend time with friends who still have your back and your other support system called family.

Involve yourself in activities that will keep you busy.

Since breakups with best friends can be brutal, you need coping mechanisms that can lighten up your mood, make you feel better about yourself, and add some productivity to your life.

Because you need to be busy and also focus on your well-being.

Just because you don’t have a best friend, doesn’t mean there aren’t any other people in your life for whom you matter.

There’s your family and your other friends, also your co-workers, with whom you can spend some quality time to boost your mood.

Find some time to exercise, do Yoga, and other activities that interest you to get over a friend.

You’ll find they take your mind off negative things and make you feel better. Focus on your work and see how you sky-rocket things professionally.

Go outdoors, spend time helping people out and see how amazing it feels putting a smile on other’s faces. It will teach you kindness and also make you feel good about yourself.

The more you get involved in, the better you will do emotionally. Say buh-bye to stress!

4.     Socialize. Connect with new people.

Meeting, socializing, and connecting with new people can never be a bad idea if you truly want to get over a friend.

So, go out more often. To your favourite places. Do your favourite activities again.

Talk to people. Who knows you might meet your true BFF at the movies or at the coffee shop you visit more often?

But always remember, you mustn’t force the idea of ‘forever’ on people only because you’ve lost someone and you want to fill the void. Friendships happen naturally and so, let it flow.

You will meet many people in life and only some will make it to the finish line with you. Only the true ones. So, you only gotta look for them. 😊

5.     Make sure your social media has more of you and no signs of them.

You wouldn’t want to see pictures of the ex-BFF enjoying in her life while you’re battling with post breakup stress, do you?

And why go through their content when you are determined to get over a friend is what you should be doing and not getting upset about not having them in your life?!

So, it’s better to filter out your social media by maybe unfollowing or blocking them, whatever you feel is right. Anything that keeps their updates away from you is healthy.

6.     Avoid talking anything negative about your ex-best friend.

If you want to learn how to move on from a friendship, you need to keep the journey clean.

I know you want to vent and you must. Find people who understand you and talk to them how you feel about your breakup. But when you do so, remember to not be negative about your ex-BFF.

You gotta remember you once shared good times with them, didn’t you? And bitching about people, will do you no good.

If someone is advising you to blame your friend for the fall out, try to ignore it.

It will only fill your inner-self with hatred and delay the process to get over a friend.

Neither will it help you get over the trauma nor will anybody be interested in all that negativity.

So, maybe more of your feelings and less shady? Yuh-huhn!

7.     Realize the mistakes you made that landed you in the current situation.

But do not expect that you’ll reconnect with your friend ever again.

You know nothing happens because of only one person’s mistake. What if you had a role to play in the breakup too but you were so mad at your best friend that you didn’t realize it earlier?

Only if you accept the mistakes you’ve made, you’ll be able to be at peace and find real closure. It will also help you be the person you are supposed to be.

But in the process, you must also realize that no matter what, some relationships can never be mended and you must learn how to get over them.

So, you may never be able to fix things with your ex-BFF ever. But life must go on and you must gradually learn how to get over a friend.

As you grow up, you’ll lose a lot of friends but you’ll also learn who your true best friends forever are.

So when you find them, cherish them for lifelong.

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