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10 Bad Relationship Advice to Avoid

Everything is fair in love

Bad advice is cheap. Good advice is always expensive.

Relationship is not just made of love and affection. It is also a bond of trust and respect. Relationship is characterized by trust, bond, affection and love.

Whereas a relationship can also fail due to certain characteristics such as betrayal, disrespect, lie and other things.

It is you and your partner who has to face circumstances in your relationship and it is you who has to make your love evergreen without any problem.

Relationship advice cover

But suggestions and advice are inevitable in relationship. Basically, it is inevitable in life that you are going to get more relationship advice than anything else in the world.

Whether it’s from your friends, colleagues or family members, they are going to give you some amount of relationship advice for sure.

But one thing that makes us worried. Are those advice worth implementing? How do we examine that which relationship advice is better for us?

There are certain relationship advice that can shine your relationship but there are those too that can destroy it as well. Let’s have a quick look on the 10 bad relationship advice you need to avoid all the time.

1. All men/women are same

every male/female is same

Probably the most common relationship advice you get from your friends and other people. The basic idea behind giving this advice is to highlight the fact that all men/women are same when it comes to particular things.

Dear lovers, this is totally false. Both of them have different set of problems and different solutions should be used for fix them. You should never portray someone on the basis of this advice.

If you keep treating them equally then you will end up offending one of them. Since they think in different ways about the same subject, the approach must be different too.

2. Love life is different than private life

if they love you they will not do that

It is one of the most irritating relationship advice. It is basically an ultimatum in the form of relationship advice that you receive.

The most basic idea behind this one is that if your lover loves you then they are not going to do what they are not supposed to. This one basically comes from our friends.

This relationship advice must be avoided because love and relationship are not bound by anything and everyone needs personal space where they can enjoy some things alone.

3. No one will love you as much as they do.

no one will love you as much they do


No one is going to love you like they do is the another form of blackmailing advice in relationship that sometimes we receive from our friends.

A person who gives us this kind of advice basically clarifies that you are not going to meet a better and lovely person than them.

Well, that’s not true. It may be possible that your relationship is going strong but it cannot survive with this kind of advice.

4. If they love you they will definitely know about you.

them them know what you want


Nobody is going to get a dream about it. You better avoid this kind of relationship advice and speak to each other.

Communication is very important in relationship and all important things should be discussed with your partner.

5. Space kills a relationship

space kills relationship

I consider this as myth rather than as relationship advice. Space never kills a relationship. This relationship advice should be avoided.

You should never think that relationship can get affected by space. Space is as necessary in relationship as water for plant. Space makes thing much better and fresh in a relationship.

6. Don’t Initiate

dont initiate

Never initiate in a relationship! This is one of most common relationship advice you get from your friends.

But according to me, you should initiate, not most of the time but at least sometimes. These things help you to know each other well and help you in a relationship.

7. Everything is fair in love

Everything is fair in love

This is one of those relationship advice that has no base. Not everything is fair in love.

This relationship advice basically states that in love, there is no stopping and no limitation of anything but in my opinion this is not right.

You should always be attentive and right in terms of decision in relationship. An unbalanced relationship doesn’t go too far.

8. Don’t discuss your past life

don't discuss past life

If you have ever been in a relationship, you must have heard from your friends that you should never discuss your past life in a relationship.

But that’s absolutely negative. The basic idea behind this is that these things can hurt your relationship but trust me these things will help you in the long run.

You should always discuss about your past relationship and other aspects of life because these things bring transparency in a relationship.

9. Don’t talk about future.

dont discuss future

Next we have, that you should never talk about future because it can damage romance of the relationship.

But I think you should always create a path for your relationship and that can happen by discussing your future. You should always be clear about it.

Discussing your future will provide more strength and transparency in the relationship.

10. They don’t love you anymore

they don't love you anymore

Arguably the most common and notorious piece of advice you ever get from anyone. There are always ups and downs in a relationship but that doesn’t means that there is no love.

It is you and your partner that is going to initiate and end the relationship not anyone else and this is why this relationship advice should instantly be avoided.

Love is something that can be felt by only two of you so keep avoiding and be happy.

Well, this is it for now. What do you think about the article? Did we forget something?

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