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10 Problems in Nuclear family

too much burden on single person

Biggest cons of nuclear family

We all desire to have a small family. After all, a small family is the biggest key of happiness in life. But there are few problems in nuclear family, which no one can ignore.

There was a time when, joint family was considered as the biggest strength of the family. It was considered as the hallmark for the unity among the family.

Problems in nuclear family

However with the changing trend, things have become clear that, people have turned their back on joint family system and now have moved towards nuclear family.

Basically, nuclear family is that type of family, that includes the least number on family members in it. It strictly includes mother, father, daughter, and/or son.

Relevance of nuclear family

Relevance of nuclear family

Just like I said before, it is the fastest growing and the most popular concept of family in the whole world.

In Asian places like India, Indonesia and China, this whole concept is growing very faster. Whereas, in Europe and United States, it has fully evolved .

Doesn’t matter how good, this whole concept of nuclear family is, just like the coin has two sides, it has bad aspect as well.

Nuclear family suffers from few bad things, which are as following.

Problems in nuclear family

1. Financial problems

Financial problems

One of the biggest problems in nuclear family will always be related to financial problems in life.

It is quite obvious that,when you have less members earning in the family, it will definitely lead to financial complications in the family.

I believe that this is where, nuclear family laps behind the joint family system.

2.  It affects upbringing

It affects the upbringing

Only mother and father are not the only two guardian, a child needs during the upbringing.

A proper upbringing requires proper attention and caring. And for this, joint family is always better.

It is because, in joint family, we live with so many members that helps a child to up bring in the most efficient way and that lacks in nuclear family.

3. Insecurity of children

Insecurity of children

It is most obvious that in a standard nuclear family, both mother and father opt profession outside the family activities, it is mostly due to cope up the financial problems in the life.

You may cope the financial problems in life but that definitely affects the upbringing of the children.

4. Emotional isolation

Emotional isolation

When you have so many family members in the joint family, you can spend your ups and downs of life with them.

Where as in in nuclear family, it is one of those problems in nuclear family, they always have to face, and it is because of that, they will feel emotionally isolated and exhausted.

5. Lack of attention

lack of attention

If the parents in nuclear family are working, it is quote obvious that they have to focus on the work as well.

But, this comes with a price, as a kid, they have a lot of things to say, a lot of things to share with their parents, but due to hectic professional life, they couldn’t pay proper attention to them.

6. Lack of support

lack of support

In my opinion, this is one of those problems in nuclear family, each and every one faces.

There are few moments in life, when we need some one who can hold us and someone who can guide us. But in nuclear families, it lacks.

7. New born babies suffer most

New born babies

Well, this is one of those problems in nuclear family, that rarely happens.

As a new born child, your baby requires special love and care. But in case if you are a professional working couple, this is too much difficult for you to manage.

8. Centralized decision making

centralized decision

One of the problems in nuclear family, is that it is affected by the decision of the family head.

Although, in nuclear family, you are going to get more liberty, but it still one of the biggest problems in nuclear family.

9. Too much burden on single person

too much burden on single person

It is one of those problems in nuclear family, that create huge impact on the lives of each and every family member of nuclear family.

When you have least members in your family, it is obvious that all eyes will be on them. And believe me or not, it creates a huge amount of pressure on them.

10. Insecure to veterans

insecure to veterans

This one is bit different but it is totally true. It is one of the newest problems in nuclear family that it has become insecure for them.

One of the main reasons is, they feel neglected and despised in nuclear family, mainly because of the culture it posses and this is why they still prefer joint family.

Doesn’t matter how many drawbacks and how many problems in nuclear family, we want you to count, the biggest fact is, it is the biggest sensation in the debate of topics related to families.

This is all for now. What do you think about the problems in nuclear family? What are your views on the problems in nuclear family?

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