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10 Signs of Abusive Teenage Relationship

Their words hurt

10 signs that show how much you are suffering

Abusive relationship is no longer a myth. It has been tormenting since ages and it is growing day by day. And abusive teenage relationship has become a new trend in the world.

It is something that should be eradicated as soon as possible from our society. But despite putting so many efforts in it, results are not so favorable.

According to a survey 77% of American college, women have been involved in abusive teenage relationship at some point of life. This shows the horrific condition they are dealing with.


You can see the level of graph has risen in abusive teenage relationship in other countries by taking above case as an example.

Teenage is the most important aspect of our life. It is common to get attracted towards someone and to fall in love with them.

Love, caring, affection and adulation. All are essential elements of a successful teenage relationship and with teenage relationship problems in it but one thing that should always be out of it and that is abusive teenage relationship.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s you or your friend, you should always say a big NO to abusive teenage relationship.

In case if you are wondering, how do you determine an abusive teenage relationship, let’s check our list of 10 abusive teenage relationship signs.

1. Controlling behavior

controlling behaviour

One of the most basic signs of abusive teenage relationship is that they try to control you most of the time.

Controlling in the sense that they try to interrogate basic things in a very controlling manner. It may be a matter of concern for you because these things are the beginning of abusive teenage relationship.

2. Domination


Domination is an another sign of abusive teenage relationship. If they are someone who try to dominate you in each and every situation, then something must be wrong.

Dominating in certain things is fine but as long as you are in love with each other, there is no scope of dominating each other or anything related to you. If they are someone who dominate you all the time, you are in abusive teenage relationship.

3. Obsession


Obsession is something which looks very beautiful in the beginning of our love life. For instance, he is so much obsessed with you, he calls you every time, asks you where you are? Is there any male friend with you, etc.

These things look very romantic in the beginning of the relationship but after something you start to feel suffocated with these things and moreover he/she try to become more attentive and obsessed all the time.

4. Short temper

short temper

If they are short temper mind or switch their mood from romantic to a cruel person in a blink of eye, there is something definitely wrong in your relationship.

These basic things are signal that you are now stuck in an abusive teenage relationship with a person who can be cruel as well romantic within few minutes. These things are horrible in the long run for your relationship.

5. Mocking you in public

mocking you

More than being a sign of abusive teenage relationship, this is embarrassing. There is always a chance that you are going to be mocked by them in public in your relationship.

All of their jokes are on you, they try to embarrass you all the time related to your personality, background, wardrobe or any other thing and later on come up with cheap excuse of, can’t you take a joke.

It may be possible that it is their habit or anything like that but making a mockery out of you all the time for no good reason is not a normal thing.

6. Their Background status

past history

A person’s background status always defines who they are. If a person has a black past related to relationship, if they is someone who is responsible for many abuse in past relationship, then he may be doing it again with you.

We are not trying to give you reasons to doubt on your partner but precaution is always better than cure.

7. They never admit their mistakes

They never admit their mistakes

One of the best way to determine whether you are in an abusive teenage relationship, is to look up the past mistakes they have done.

It is general in an abusive teenage relationship, that the oppressor never admits their mistakes and generally try to blame others for everything wrong happening in life.

8. They threaten violence

Threatens to abuse

One of the most dangerous and black side of an abusive teenage relationship, is that you can suffer physical abuse in it.

As I mentioned above that, most of the time they try to be dominant and aggressive and in case you retaliate, they threaten to be violent with you and sometimes they do that.

According to an online poll, 29% of women admitted that they have suffered physical abuse in relationship.

9. They make you feel guilty


Most of the time they try to pretend that you are responsible for most of the problems in the relationship. Moreover they try to defame you in your own eyes.

It is common that you may have made some mistakes but you are not responsible for everything in your relationship. These things always hurt your self-esteem and self confidence.

10. Their Words Hurt You More Than Anything

Their words hurt

Believe it or not. Their way of talking and selection of words show that if you are in an abusive teenage relationship or not?

If they are someone who say very cheap and cruel things and despite putting so much efforts, they still talk to you in a very defaming language then surely you are suffering in an abusive teenage relationship.

Well, we are not giving you any reason to be afraid of. Enjoy your love life but always be attentive and strong about an abusive teenage relationship.

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