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10 Things You Should Never Hide In a Relationship

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Relationship is the most beautiful experience you ever get in life. It is that part of our life when we feel on the top of the world.

It is love of your life that supports you through the ups and downs of life. But it is not only love that is going to help you to grow your relationship.

Love, support, affection and caring are those elements that are going to help you to grow your love but mutual trust and sharing thoughts with each other are those two things that work as a force that keeps our bond of love stronger.

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In the modern age, where relationships have become an example of failure, sharing thoughts with each other plays a huge and crucial role in order to make love life more joyful and better.

Sometimes hiding several things work as a main cause for the complications in the relationship. No matter what, you should never hide your feeling with your loved ones and this is why we bring to you a list of 10 things you should never hide in a relationship. So, let’s bring the list.

1. Your past relationships

Your past relationship

Biggest thing you should never hide in a relationship is about your past relationship. No matter how many persons you have dated, you should always be true and realistic about it.

Discussing these things always help you to create good foundation of trust and belief with your partner in a relationship.

2. Your Current status

current status in life

You should never hide in a relationship that what is your current status regarding commitment to your partner, is it just a casual relationship or are you in serious love?

These things should always be mentioned in order to bring more transparency and cooperation in a relationship.

3. Your future

your future

Over expectations kill the happiness of the relationship, therefore it is always better that you should make it clear that what are your future plans related to the relationship.

These things should never hide in a relationship because by hiding it you are giving hope as well as uncertainty regarding your future to the relationship.

4. Any health issue

Any health issues

One of the most important thing you should never hide in a relationship, if is there any health related issue you are suffering.

A well settled and healthy person can only make it into the successful relationship. So, it is always better that you are not suffering from any mental or other health issues, or even if you are suffering, what is the current status of treatment and other things.

5. Your belief and thoughts

your belief and thoughts

You should never hide your belief and thoughts regarding certain things such as your perception regarding marriage, children and other things.

These things always help you to know each other and helps you in the long run to plan your future with your partner.

6. What you like about them

What you like about them

You should never hide in a relationship that whats makes them so much special for you. It is pretty lovely for them to hear these things.

Be it boyfriend or a girlfriend, everybody loves to get compliments and if it is you who are adulating them, that’s something special.

7. What you don’t like about them

what you don't like about them

Good things aren’t just everything. Bad aspect of a person should never be hidden in a relationship. You should always be open about what you don’t like about them.

It could be things that make them jealous like your intimacy with your friends, late night parties with your friends or other things.

These things may work as a mirror for them and it might help them to become better person or should I say, the type of person you want in your partner.

8. Your Career Goals

career goals

Career goals should never be hidden in a relationship. This one is strictly for women that they should always speak and need to be clear about their future career goals in the relationship.

Most of the women have to give up their careers after marriage and if you a that kind of person who wants to fly high with your career, then this thing you should never hide in a relationship.

9. Your Expectations


You should never hide in a relationship that what kind of person you are looking for in your life. These things are the root of a healthy relationship.

Whether it’s basic things like if you want a romantic or more spontaneous person, or big things such as your house, shopping expenses and other things.

10. Why did you finish your past relationship

why you finished your past relationship

Arguably the biggest thing you should never hide in a relationship is why you broke up with your ex partner. Doesn’t matter how hard it is and how ugly it is, you should never hesitate to talk about it.

By hiding these things you are not going to get anything but after talking about it with your partner, you will definitely feel lighter in your heart.

And I strongly believe that if you are honest and correct, they are going to support you as well.

Well, these are the basic things you should never hide in a relationship.

Is there anything we forgot? Would you like to add anything that nobody should never hide in a relationship? Then, comment your options in the box below and for more articles related to love and relationship, stay connected to Anniversary Roses.


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