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10 True Relationship Quotes

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True relationship is the perfect definition of true love. True relationship is not bound by anything. It doesn’t get affected through the ups and downs of life.

Artists through Movies, Poems, Songs and Novels have tried to define True relationship on several occasions.

 True Relationship cover pic

Love is something that defines our unmatched passion, affection and care for someone beyond the human expectations and limits. But what true relationship is? As i told you, that you might get a glance of  true relationship in Movies, Novels, Poems and Songs but  true relationship quotes ranks above.

Quotes related to true relationship reflect the purity and cuteness of love. True relationship quotes are short and precise but reflect main point of true relationship in it.

What true relationship looks like through quotations? Let us have a quick look at true relationship quotes.


We all have secrets, we all have issues regarding our past. It is up to our partner, how we are going to handle things in a relationship. Trust and forgiveness are the two essential elements that makes a relationship grow effectively.

A couple should never make any issue about past life and should enjoy the present with each other without any worries of future.


True Relationship quotes

Because love is unconditional. Love of your lover is going to support you in every aspect of life.

Nobody is perfect, a true relationship is, when a person, even after knowing, how moody you are, how intolerant you can be, is ready to support you and love you for the rest of your life because these thing are the root of a true relationship.


True Relationship quotes


A true relationship is something that follows every path of  relationship in life. A true relationship should have all the friendly fights of best friends. It should have innocence of children and it must have sensibility of husband and wife.

These things are very popular in saying but when it is very hard to manage in real life.


True Relationship quotes


Trust is the strongest foundation in the house of your relationship. True relationship always relies upon the level of trust you share with each other. If you and your partner have nice amount of affection and trust for each other, then, you and your love are bound to be with each other.

Trust is something that basically works as a bridge between you and your love in a relationship. The more powerful trust you share for each other, then more solid your bridge will be.


True Relationship quotes

True relationship aren’t just meant for romance, affection and caring. It is all about holding the hands of your beloved partner in the hard times.

As a couple you need to support him/her in every ups and downs in life. You will face many hurdles in life, when you feel that the things are not working anymore, it is up to you how you manage things and refuse to give up.


This one slightly correlates with the last one. You may find many moments in your relationship when you find unbearable to each other. Circumstances could be related to your love life, financial problems or family matters. You should never stop loving and supporting each other in those circumstances.

Love has great strength and it is your love for each other that will give you strength in order to overcome the problems.


True Relationship quotes


” Action speaks louder than words” true relationship doesn’t need any kind of evidence to show case your love for each other.

Proper caring, Affection, and many special moments with each other are quite enough to tell them how much they mean to you.


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” The best relationship are those when they are not only your lover, but your best friends too”

If your lover cannot be your best friend than i am afraid how they will be your partner. Sometimes in life you need someone who is not your parent, not your teacher and certainly not a lover. It is your best friend, with whom you can share up and downs going on in your life.

Friendship is the first and the most important step in your relationship.


True Relationship quotes

Lies and secrets are the main reasons why true relationship fails. Secrets, lies and hidden motives kills the purity of love, no matter how careful you are, you will get caught at one stage.

True relationship reflects a madness in which you can discuss each and everything with each other without any fear and worries.


True Relationship quotes


Weird people are best, they are not like others. It is very rare that you are going to find a person who is as same as you are. Weird people makes the best love stories. Just imagine the level of madness a couple will share, his/her maturity and his/her madness, it makes the best love story.


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