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Are You Afraid of Break Up – It’s Not End of The World

you initiate but step back

Do you think you don’t have what it takes to talk about it?

Loving someone is not in your hand. It is more than just attraction that makes you feel something special for them.

Doesn’t matter if you are a teenager or a full grown person. Love can knock the door of your heart anytime. It is not because of their looks or charisma that attracts you the most, it is the song of heart that only you and your partner listen.

Love is the most beautiful feeling you can ever get as human. You fight, argue with each other but at the end of the day, you love and support each other, this is what love is all about. This is what makes a perfect couple.


But not all relationships are perfect, Whether you like it or not but that is the harsh reality that some relationship shine while other perish.

Love and relationship can only get better as long as you support, love and trust each other. If anything lacks in it, you are going to face relationship problems and going to loose the grip of love.

There are few moments you will always find that things are not working anymore. You find that you are now stuck somewhere in between of your love life and moreover you feel that you are now feeling exhausted in your relationship.

But instead of getting out of this situation you start to manage with it or should I say, you start to compromise with your love life. Why? Because you are afraid of break up. You are afraid of break up with your partner.

Why so? There are many reasons and signs that explain that you are afraid of break up and few of them are following.

1. You are not sure about them

you are not sure about them

One thing that always comes in our mind whenever we think about breaking up with our partner is, whether you are doing right or not.

Doesn’t matter how much in worse condition you are, you always feel somewhere in your heart that whether you are sure about splitting up with them or it is just a thought in your mind. These small things highlight that you are afraid of break up.

2. You don’t know how they will react

you don't know how they will react

One of the main things that always comes in mind is that how will your partner react when you will talk about breaking up with each other.

It depends on the wisdom of your partner that how will they respond but most of the time you are going to be afraid of break up because mostly, they are going to over react.

You always get a feeling that how will they feel about it and how will they respond.

3. You can’t stop thinking about them

cant stop thinking abot them

On one hand you are thinking about splitting up with each other but deep down inside you can’t stop thinking about your partner.

I am not saying that you are in love with them or anything like that, reason could be anything. It could be their persona that still attracts you or may be you care about them but these things always make you afraid of break up.

4. You are afraid of consequences

afraid of consequences

We have already discussed that how will they react but in the long run you when you think what will be the consequences, you get afraid of break up.

There are number of reasons because you never know what kind of person they will become, once you are done with them. How they are going to treat you? and many others things like this always force you to take the back seat.

5. You are obsessed with them

You are obsessed

Doesn’t matter how hard your relationship is. Doesn’t matter how much complications you are facing in a relationship, you have spent quality time with them.

You have obsessed with everything related to them. You always find uncomfortable in this situation and these things always make you afraid of break up.

6. You have become habitual of them

habitual of them

They have become your habit and you know that and no wonder why, you are afraid of breaking up with them.

There is no rocket science in it that once you have spent so much of your quality time with a particular person, you become habitual of them. You are in habit with their voice, with their fragrance and these things always make you worried and afraid of break up.

7. You believe that you won’t find anyone better than them

you believe you wont find anyone better than him

Whenever you think that you are loosing grip of the relationship and this is not working anymore, one thing that always makes you afraid of break up is that you always feel that may be you are not going to get a better person than them.

But I think you feel so, because of the flashback you get of good memories you had with them. These things always bind you and make you afraid of break up.

8. You initiate break up but take a step back

you initiate but step back

This is one of the main signs that show you are afraid of break up. Once you feel that you have had enough of this relationship and when you initiate break up in any way, then you have to take the back seat.

The reason could be any one those mentioned above but it clearly shows that you are missing your gut feeling and you are afraid of break up.

Well, this is it. What are your views on it? In case if you have ever been through these things when you were afraid of break up, do share in the comments section.

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