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Do Girls Have Crush On Their Best Friends Too

honesty in friendship

Did she feel something special for you?

Do girls have crush on their best friends too? This is not the most popular question around the internet but it is always required.

Do girls really have a crush on their male best friends? It is a common belief that only boys have crush on their female friends, but what about girls?

It is a very hard and complicated topic that whether girls like their best friends? or is it just boys, who fall in love with their female friends.

Do girls have crush on best friends too

Movies, novels and songs generally put weight that boys are more in love than as compared to girls.

According to a private survey in U.S., 48% women admitted that they have secret crush on their best friends. Whereas, 61% males said that they like their female friends.

In my personal opinion, it is an universal truth that, both boys and girls have crush on their respective friends. It is so because, Both are human, both have biological similarities and both demand love.

Moreover, Both males and females are affected through emotions, affection, love and caring. Doesn’t matter what kind of relation you are sharing, feelings for love can emerge at any time. This is why it is possible that boys are not the only one who have that crush on their female friends. Girls can also have crush on their male friends.

Do girls like male friends

If you are feeling the same at this particular moment and have a feeling that you have started liking your best friend? then, don’t panic. You are not wrong at all, Best friend helps you to get out of teenage relationship problems as well, no wonder, feelings for them can emerge at any time.

It is just a feeling that attached you with your best friend and their is nothing wrong in it. But, what are those reasons that make him special for you? what makes him so special? Lets have a quick look on the six reason you have crush on your best friend.

1. He is your best friend

Best friends

Do you think that you need a better reason that this? Girls have crush on their best friends because they are the one who hangs out with them. It is an amazing feeling they get when they roam around with their male friend.

Best friend is someone, with whom you don’t have to fill blank space with. They know everything about each other and that’s the reason, Girls have crush on male best friends.

2. Unconditional support

Unconditional support

Second biggest reason why girls have crush on their best friend is because of the unconditional love and support you receive from them.

Girls love those guys who believe in them and a true best friend will support you in each and every decision of life. A true friend believe in you and believe the fact that you will never do anything wrong in life. These small things attract women a lot and this is why girls have crush on these kind of best friends.

3. They know how to make you happy


It is always believed that a best friend always knows what makes you happy. Girls have crush on those who make them forget the bad things happening in life.

A best friends knows all the tactics of making you happy by simply doing annoying silly things.

4. He is honest

honesty in friendship

Another reason why girls have crush on them is because they are real in front of you. They don’t want to portray themselves as something they are not.

Moreover, a true best friend always gives you honest opinions about your life. They don’t care, whether you like it or not, all they care that it should not affect you in the long run.

5.  He knows everything about you


As I said before that you don’t have to fill blank spaces with your best friend. It is because they know each and everything about you.

From your hobbies to your likes and dislikes. A best friend knows everything about you. He knows what you have been through, they know all of your secrets.

Basically, best friends share high amount of closeness with each other and with these things, it is general that girls have crush on them.

6. He is your need and habit

best friend is your habit

In my opinion, this is the biggest reason why girls have crush on their best friends too.

Imagine a person, you are with since years. A person you are spending your quality time with. It is quite obvious that after spending special moments of life with them, you start to like him.

This happens in both cases of boys and girls when after a certain time they become your habit and need, and you start to like them.

Well we were looking for the question that whether girls have crush on their best friends too? Well, in my personal opinion, I would say, yes. Girls have crush on their best friends too.

What do you think? Do you believe that Girls have crush on best friends? State your opinion by commenting in the box below and for more articles related to love and relationship, stay connected to Anniversary Roses.


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