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Gay Parents Vs Straight Parents


Gay parents Vs straight parents- Key is love

The argument regarding gay parents vs straight parents is not new, we have been all debating on this for a good time now.

As far as gay parenting is concerned, it is no longer a myth. It has now become a part of the society.

Whether you like it or not, gay parenting has been since years and it is growing day by day.


One of the major things that has affected the whole gay movement is that people have tried to label it as gay parents vs straight parents.

There was a time when gay relationship was considered as toxic in the society, people used to believe that gay relationship and gay parenting has no place in the society.

Gay’s used to face enormous amount of complications and difficulties to get their rights in this society.

There is no way, you can justify the difference between gay parents vs straight parents. It is not because they are different, it is because of the fact that, we all are equal.

We as humans. may have different opinions or belief but we all have equal rights to live our life the way we want to.

Raising a child, is by far the most complicated task one can ever think of. But the question is, that this whole argument of gay parents vs straight parents is valid?

Does this whole argument of gay parents vs straight parents makes some sense?


In my personal opinion, this whole argument of gay parents vs straight parents is valid and definitly make some sense.

I know this one is hard to explain. But, I would like to state some points that will make you convince that there are few differences in gay parents vs straight parents, and we all are equal even after so many differences.

1. Gay parents vs straight parents- Both are children oriented

Both are children orinted

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that whether its gay parenting or straight parenting, the biggest focus in parenting is kids.

Doesn’t matter what kind of parenting you observe, the biggest focus of these parenting will always revolve around kids.

2. Gay parents vs straight parents- Difference in child birth

difference in birthAnother thing that differentiate gay parenting and straight parenting is, the difference in the birth of child.

On one hand, the only way of having a baby in straight parenting is sexual intercourse between two partners.

On the other hand, when it comes to gay parenting, the only way, you can have a baby, is with the help of surrogacy, adoption or donor insemination.

3. Gay parents vs straight parents- Social behavior

social behvaiour

One of the biggest things that always affect gay parenting is the social behavior.

Having a straight parent, always gives your perks and privileges in the society but in case of gay parenting, things are total opposite.

Being a part of a gay family, you have to face a lot of problems and difficulties for the rest of your life.

Even after in 2017, gay parents and their children’s face a lot of difficulties and discrimination in the society. There are only few societies who are partially agree on gay parenting.

4. Gay parents vs straight parents- Legal matters

legal matters

While we are discussing this topic of gay parents vs straight parents, one things we always need to clear that always make a difference between gay parents vs straight parents is legal affairs.

Just like there are only few societies are have accepted gay parenting, there are only few countries who have given same rights to the gay in their countries.

Most of the countries in the world are completely against of anything related to gay relationship. They find these things as unnatural and non democratic.

5. Gay parents vs straight parents- Differences in up bringing

difference in upbringing

One of the main things in this conversation is the differences, both type of parenting posses.

In straight parenting, both mother and father are going to up bring the child in the most effective way.

But in case of gay parenting, children are going to miss one half of the parenting for the rest of their lives and believe it or not, it hurts a lot.

6. Gay parents vs straight parents- Scientific approval

Scientific approval in Gay Parents Vs Straight Parents

A lot of studies have claimed that children grown from gay parents are much advanced and practical than as compared to the children raised by straight parents.

If you observe it closely, you can understand that on one hand it makes a child isolate but on other hands it makes them more practical than straight one.

Doesn’t matter on which side of the parenting you want to ride on, there is no doubt that both gay parenting and straight parenting are the part of our parenting society.

This was just a logical comparison between two of the most different styles of parenting in the world with logical analyses and facts in mind.

This is all for now. What do you think about it? What are your views on gay parents vs straight parents?

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