How do You Know if You are in Love?


Its only when something is lacking that we being to analyze and contemplate what the thing actually is love.

Love is a moment and a lifetime. It is looking at him across a room and feeling and that if I don’t spend the rest of my life with him. Love is working together laughing growing together. Love wants to wipe away the tears when failure comes. Love likes the feel of each other. Love is laughter especially in the middle of the quarrel. The general consensus around this part is that falling in love gradually happens.

Falling in love and building an attachment are a wonderful basis for a healthy relationship. If love is passion, security and emotional comfort commitment is the necessary decision made with ones cultural and social context to be with that person.

Let’s get on the point “how do you know that you are in love”??

“ADDICTION” is the thing that comes first if you fall for someone.

People says love changes the brain, there’s even some hint of activity in the anterior cingulated the area of brain linked to obsessive thinking which is a classic experience when people fall in love.

Another thing is you really want your family and friend to like the person you love. Being attuned to how your family and friend might think about your partner or potential partner is a good sign that you are becoming increasingly attached to the person. If you want know that you are in love then ask yourself ‘do you really miss that person when you are apart’ and how much you miss that person reflects how interdependent your lives have become. If you are questioning whether you love someone perhaps consider how much you miss him/ her when you are apart.

The most obvious element that every person feels is jealousy. A certain amount of jealous but not suspiciousness is actually healthy not toxic. From an evolutionary perspective. Jealousy is an adaptation that helps relationship stay intact by making its member sensitive to potential threats. You just want him/her to be happy. You take care of him/her going out of the way. You just can’t wait to share news that may be good or bad. Whenever something happens in your life you just want that person to be around you.

Not only this but many more things are there which will make you realize that you are falling for someone. But the thing you need to do is observe yourself you will find the answer of your question itself.

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