How to Break Up with Someone Who Loves You – 6 Tips to Breakup with Someone Nicely?


Unless you or your partner is an awful person, breaking up relationships will never be easy. That’s why you should know how to breakup with someone who loves you.

But most of the break ups happen because relationships don’t work out – either partners do not get their space, do not grow as individuals, too many conflicts, two of you are better as friends or maybe one of you wants to rush in while the other wants to take it slow.

How to Break Up with Someone Who Loves You

But no matter what, when things come down to how to break up with someone who loves you without hurting them, it’s a terrible road to take.

You are at risk of breaking your partner’s heart and because they are genuine people, if you don’t do it the right way, you might end up wrecking their lives, and yours too with guilt.

But there is no point trying to make relationships work that don’t serve your needs, right? The ones that don’t feel healthy?

Yes, it is unfortunate that you have to break it off but it’s for the best for the both of you. If you look at it, break ups make people stronger and wiser. So, problems now prepare you for what’s in store for you in the future.

But you surely need to learn how to break up with someone who loves you. ‘Cause they’ll break down right in front of you and might tell you things you wouldn’t want to hear. So, you need to be prepared and know how to deal with the situation well.

Why is it important to break up the right way?

Now, the moment you think about breaking it off with your partner, it is done. It is upsetting that you have to let go but if you’ve realized it is for the better, then why not?

But what is the importance behind knowing how to break up with someone who loves you?

You wouldn’t want to hurt the one you were with, would you? Also, there are chances even after leaving you want them to have a good life.

You want them to do well in life and find a better partner with whom they have a better compatibility.

So, instead of ghosting them and slowly moving out of their life, it’s better to put a full stop the right way.

Talk to them and rip the band-aid off in one go. Explain to them what’s wrong and be there to comfort them.  

How to break up with someone who thinks you’re the one?

It will be a lot easier if you had some help to pan out the ‘tough’ break up. So, here are certain ways you can decide what to say to break up with someone who has fallen hard for you.

1.     Plan and strategize before you speak to them.

Do you know how your partner will react to your decision of putting an end to your relationship?

It is an emotional situation and looking at the severity of it and the probability of both of you getting scarred for life makes it important for you to decide beforehand what and how you will say.

Moreover, it is for the best if you go for the break up in private and also with them sitting right in front of you.

If you want to know how to break up with someone who loves you, start with making right decisions to lessen the shock and pain for the both of you. This will make it easier for you’ll to move on and find peace.

2.     Be honest with them. Don’t digress from the topic.

You need to be straightforward with the person while breaking up with them.

They deserve to know what went wrong, why you do not want to put in any more effort, what makes you uninterested and make sure that they know that it is over forever.

In clear terms, let them know you are not getting back together EVER! Explain to them the situation in detail and make sure you do not give them any false hopes.

It will be painful for them but once you learn the proper way of how to break up with someone who loves you, you’ll provide them the closure they need and of course you too.

3.     Individual space is all you and your partner need after the break up.

If your ex loved you dearly, their lives will change completely after the break up. They might not accept being lonely and ask you to stay friends. But, you mustn’t agree to that.

What both of you need right now is space and time to better yourselves, focus on your life, become a better version of yourselves, and move on.

It is only after that you’ve taken a step ahead in life, maybe, you can consider being friends. That can be considered healthy!

4.     Don’t be ambiguous. Use sentences with ‘I’.

You feel the relationship isn’t working out anymore. It is you who wants to grow and needs to walk out. So, while talking about breaking up, you need to use the word ‘I’.

It shows what you feel about the person you were with and the relationship you were in. It will exactly convey the person why you do not want to continue.

5.     Be polite to your partner. It is a delicate situation for them.

One of the important things in learning how to break up with someone who loves you is knowing how to be respectful and polite towards your partner while putting an end to your relationship.

They might react in a negative manner and accuse you of hurting them and changing their lives and concepts of trust, love, and life.

Deal with all that they throw at you but with respect. They deserve it. Make sure they know their feelings have been conveyed to you but it’s for the best that each of you move ahead in life.

6.     Don’t let guilt take your foot backwards.

While breaking up with someone who is head over heels in love with you and cares for you, it is natural for you to feel guilty. You might want to delay the break up thinking it will make things easier.

But let me tell you, that is not the case! It is only a waste of your and your partner’s time. The right time, if you wait for it, will never come. It is always now that is the right time.

If you want, you can rope in someone you trust to advise you and help you address these feelings and learn better how to break up with someone who loves you dearly.

Your ex-partner’s life probably revolved around you and this will come off as a very unpleasant and heart-breaking experience for them.

So, the more you know how to do it in a better way, the easier it will become for them to get over you.

You will also feel the sting but once you are done, you will feel like a load has been lifted off your chest.

Always the right way and no hurting the one who loves you!  

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