How to Get Over Someone You Never Dated?

how to get over somone you never dated

Dating in millennial age is tougher than swiping left or right. Once you’re involved, you never know when you’ll be in for a heartbreak. So, it is better to learn how to get over someone you never dated than ruining your life.

And heartbreaks don’t see whether your relationship had labels or not, it will hurt as much as a breakup with someone you’ve dated for years.   

how to get over someone

At times, ‘almost relationships’ can cause you real pain and make getting over that someone difficult ‘cause you do not want to give up on the hope that one day it might turn into something.

But doesn’t being emotionally invested in someone whom you never had in the first place feel too burdensome?

It’s a dead end which never had a starting point. At some point of time, you need to realize this.

Yes, your feelings are true, you loved that person like you loved no one else, but you need to find a way out of that space and gradually you must learn how to get over someone you never dated.

how to get over someone you never dated

Nobody can make you feel guilty for falling in love with them because love doesn’t require labels but hurting yourself over someone who was never there and mourning over a relationship that wasn’t even close to one, isn’t how your life should look like.

The pain that you feel when your heart gets broken because you couldn’t have someone you so wanted to be with cannot be put in words and it takes time to get over it.

But there’s one thing you should know, it’s okay to not be okay but it’s not okay to choose a life of pain and suffering. You need to be happy.

It’s time you need to hear that you can and need to move on because you deserve healing, love, respect, and all other amazing things in life.

But what do you need to do to move on? How to get over someone you never dated? I’ll help you, hon.    

How to get over someone you never dated?

1.     Accept that they cannot be yours and move on.

You need to move on. You won’t do any good to yourself by keeping yourself tagged to the person who was never yours.

You gotta accept that it is over and walk away from them for closure is all that you deserve.

It can be tough for people like me, who are hopeless romantics, who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

But it’s necessary for you to know that there are people who can tell you all the right things you want to hear, do mushy stuff with you, sleep with you, but without any labels. Without taking it any further!

Maybe that’s how the world works now! But you need to accept it and get on with your life.

Also, remember, there’s nothing wrong in you, they just don’t see things the way you do and you cannot blame anybody for having a different point of view on life, can you?

So, realize that it didn’t work out because better things are ahead and move on. Accepting the situation is where you’ll ace the first step of moving on!

2.     Heal yourself from being heartbroken over someone you never had.

but don’t start believing that it’s the end. Do not lose hope.

Firstly, when you realize that it was only your feelings for them that lasted this while without them reciprocating, you’ll know, this ‘almost relationship’ has nothing for you to offer.

But in the process of this acceptance and realization, never give up hope on your future and your life; and make sure to get over that someone you never dated.

There are billions of people in the world and I am sure there’s someone out there for you who will love you more than you’ve ever loved yourself.

That special one will also love the things you hate about yourself.

So, all your focus should be in healing yourself completely to get over someone you never dated. The healthier you are emotionally, a better life you’ll have with your loved ones.

3.     Give yourself all the time you need.

Time is the best healer. And to get over that one person, you need to give yourself all the time in the world. You are the only one who can give yourself the closure you seek.

So, take time and move on like a badass that you are. You deserve more than you think you do!

4.     Remove them from your life entirely.

Yes, you need to remove the person you had feelings for until now, from your life, completely. It is the first step towards learning how to get over someone you never dated.

If you keep looking at their pictures, their texts, or be in contact with them, getting over your heartbreak will be all the more difficult.

You’ll keep seeking them in your life when moving on is what you must do.

To help yourself, connect more with your family and friends, go out with them, travel, focus on your career, and do things that will make you happy.

Spend your energy doing stuff you are good at and being with people where you are appreciated. You’ll notice that gradually you’ll leave your past far behind.

5.     Wait till you find someone new.

Why mourn over someone who didn’t see the goodness in you when you can find someone new who would fall head over heels in love with you?

Yes, I know it isn’t easy finding someone who would love every bit of you.. from your scars to your fine features but how would you know if you don’t give yourself and THEM some time to barge into your life?

You need your time and attention, the new people need your time and attention and nobody else. Especially not the one you’re leaving behind! NOPE!

So, go out, meet new people, socialize, do things you love, you never know when your heart zings with someone forever! 😉

It hurts to think about doing new things, but it is major step towards getting over someone you never dated.

6.     Never forget that there’s always someone who is waiting for you.

You may find it difficult to realize at the moment but you always need to remember, there’s someone out there who is waiting for someone exactly like you.

Someone who laughs like you, loves like you, feels passionately, give more than they take, and are always ready to put in effort to grow together in relationship. Wait for that ONE!

7.     Respect yourself, their decision and indulge in self-love.

Do not forget that you deserve to be respected as much as anyone else. But more than that, what matters is your self-respect.

Uphold it and walk away from an almost relationship where there’s nothing for you.

Also, respect their decision of choosing to live their life in their own way. At least they did not exploit you!

Isn’t that great? It’s better if both of you live your lives in your own way without being in it.

Don’t forget to love yourself the most! You are a lovable soul and the person who can love you the most is YOU.

So, be there for yourself at all times be the reason why you are happy each day. You are the best and that is your super power!

Because someone didn’t reciprocate their feelings for you, it doesn’t mean it hurts any less and won’t be a battle you gotta win.

Give yourself all the time, make yourself your own priority, and make it a point to get over someone you never dated!

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