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How to Make Your Wife Feel Special – She is Your ‘Better’ Half

surprise date

How to impress your lady luck?

Marrying someone comes with great responsibilities and you should be strong enough to handle those responsibilities in life. One common responsibility every male faces after getting married is how to make your partner happy.

Women are complicated. They are sweet and sensitive but unpredictable all the time.

One day you can have a practical wife scolding you for being less practical and more romantic and on another day she would complain that you are no longer romantic and according to them, you don’t find her attractive anymore.


Besides all these things they are your life partner, they love you and support you through the ups and downs of life. So, it is your responsibility to make them happy and to make your wife feel special all the time.

But the question remains the same all the time. How to make your wife feel special ? What makes them happy?

For that, let’s have a quick look on the list of 10 things by which you can make your wife feel special.

1. Compliment her

compliment her

Arguably the best thing you can do to make your wife feel special. Women loves compliment. They want to hear it all the time.

The more you give the more she will feel wonderful. Regular compliments are always accepted and appreciated by women and for them this thing really matters as they feel that their husbands are still interested in them.

2. Talk to her daily

talk to her daily

It is one of those thing that can always work and can make your wife feel special. Doesn’t matter how much busy you are with your work. A daily 15 minutes of healthy conversation with your wife is quite enough to make your wife feel special.

Conversation could be related to anything. It could be related to her daily routine or could be related to kids but it should take place.

3. Listen to her all the time

listen to her

Listen to her and listen in the way that seems you are interested in her. Women love those people who listen to them very clearly and it will definitely make your wife feel special.

These things always make them feel special because most of the women always want someone to listen to them.

4. Gifts


Rose, cakes, chocolates are those small gifts that can always make your wife feel special at any time. Gifts are something that is always loved by women.

It is tough to choose what to give your wife as gift. If you have good amount of bucks in your pocket, you can go for a beautiful diamond ring as well because that is something considered as closest thing to a woman’s heart.

Doesn’t matter the size and price of your gift. It can easily steal your woman’s heart.

5. Surprise Dates

surprise date

In case you thought that surprise dates are only for bachelors? Think again. This is one of the best things you can do to make your wife feel special.

If you are thinking that life is getting too hectic and you are not getting too much time to spend with you lady and in any case, your wife is not impressed with you, plan a candle light dinner for her and check the expressions on her face.

6. Appreciate her in small things

appreciate her in small things

Women do a lot of things for his man and moreover they do a bunch of heavy task for their families. It is your responsibility to appreciate her in a very polite and creative way.

These things will always make your wife feel special and in case if you don’t find these things important, that lady will definitely be disappointed because of lack of appreciation.

7. Trust her

trust your wife

Trusting someone more than yourself is like giving the biggest honor you can ever give to anyone and that honor is for your wife.

Trusting your wife is the biggest thing you can do to make your wife feel special. You need to support her to that level when you can feel that your wife cannot do anything wrong.

8. Tell her what do you like most about her

tell her what do you like most

This is one of the most basic thing a girl can ask to you. Do I look pretty? What do you like most about me?

Answers for these questions are never ending so you better praise her how beautiful she looks. These things will always make your wife feel special.

Praise the way she looks, her dress, her jewelry and other things.

9. Consult her in every decision

consult her

You can’t get a better way to praise and to make your wife feel special than asking her about every decision related to your life.

Be it, related to your future, first home, kids, career and any other thing. If you consult her with these things, she would get a feeling that she is worthy enough for your opinion and that matters a lot.

10. Unconditional support

unconditional support

Perhaps the best thing you can do for her. A woman needs support in life. This is what she always requires. It is your prime duty to support her in every phase of life.

In case when everyone is against her, your love and support is the only thing that will drive her and that will definitely make your wife feel special.

Well friends, this is it for now. What are your views on it? Would you like to add anything? Comment in the box below for your opinions and for more articles related to love and relationship, Stay in touch with Anniversary Roses.


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