How to write a Love Letter to a Girlfriend – 10 Tips to Master the Art of Writing Love Letters for Girlfriend

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If you have ever thought about expressing your love to your girlfriend, then you must get a grasp on how to write a love letter to a girlfriend to successfully woo her.

In the era of impersonal Instagram-worthy gifts, emails, and minimal communication, a personalized love letter to the woman you love is always a noble idea to get her world go round and make her happy like a little girl.

Not only it is romantic but also a classic old fashioned way to show how much she means to you and what you feel about her.

How to write a Love Letter to a Girlfriend

But is it your first time and you’re anxious about it? Well, fret no more!

I’ll help you with the best tips, ideas, and suggestions to write the most romantic love letter to your girlfriend that will instantly make her smile and fill her heart with more love for you.

The basics to write a love letter to a girlfriend – Hopefully she’s yours 😉

For most women, their love language includes showing how much you love them through your actions as well as through words.

Love Letters for Girlfriend

So, you need to keep in mind that your letter needs to be as real and as expressive as it can be.

  • Begin with a greeting that is very personal. Refrain from writing Dear followed by your lady love’s name.
  • Instead, make it more romantic by using phrases like, “To My Soulmate”, “To My One and Only, “To My Love” or “To My Sweetheart”.
  • If you call each other by some special nicknames, using them as a greeting works the best! Being a woman, I can say that lights up our faces! 😉
  • Next, start writing your letter by saying why you are writing it to her in the first place.
  • Maybe something like you feel like on top of the world today because you are in love with her or that today’s the day you want her to know everything that you feel about her.
  • Your words need to make her feel like your love for her goes deeper than she thinks.
  • What follows is the essence or the core of your love letter and it should reflect you in every which way.
  • Here is where you describe how you feel about your lady luck, and what she means to you. Always remember – be yourself, be real while writing the heart of the love letter.
  • These were some of the most important points to keep in mind, when you write a love letter to a girlfriend.

If she loves your sense of humour, add some of your punch lines and silliness to make your letter original and fun.

Master the Art of Writing Love Letters

If you are an emotional person, make sure your gift includes sentimental vibes.
No matter what you write, the words you choose should be spun right from your heart and look like they’re your voice.

A tip – if you remind her of a romantic time that you two spent together, she will smile from ear to ear. It will score you bonus points.

love letter for her from the heart

Romantic memories will refresh those times and bring back all those feelings in you as well as her and make both of you fall more in love with each other.

It is tough and sometimes confusing to write a love letter to a girlfriend if you are not good with written words.

But don’t worry, just pour your heart out and write what you would say to her if she were in front of you.

If I were you, I would choose a time when I met my love for the first time and how weak in knees I went. Oh the first dates! 😊

  • Now, you can move on to tell your girl the things that make her so unique and special. Basically, things that you totally love about her.
  • For instance, if the last paragraph ended with a memory about how smitten you were when you first met her, begin the next saying how years later, she still makes your heart beat faster.
  • Tell her how lucky you are to have her by your side each day and how it’s her strength and support that is the driving force in your life.
  • Talk about her wit, charm, intelligence, and how you cannot be more joyous to be spending your life with her.
  • With words that express your deepest feelings for her, make her feel how your love and understanding has grown with time.
  • If it helps, list down everything you love about your lady love, her personality, her attitude towards life, her character, her physical features, and everything that she has ever done for you.
  • Jotting all of them down in one place will make sure you leave nothing behind about her.
  • It will also let her know that you have been quite attentive about her & she matters a lot to you.
  • When you write a love letter to a girlfriend, tell her how beautiful she is, how lovely she smells, how wonderfully she dresses, how carefree her laugh is, and how you love the way she can take care of every little thing independently.
  • But do tell her, that you’re always there. She’ll love it.
  • Always tell her how beautiful your life has become after she walked into it.
  • Is she also best friend? Do not forget to express how happy you are because of that. Remind her that she’s the source of your happiness and how you didn’t know you could be THIS happy, ever.
  • She deserves to know that she completes you in every way.
  • Reassurances go a long way in relationships. Tell your woman that you will always stand beside her, hold her hand, and be there for her, and love her, no matter what.
  • Promise her that your love for her will grow with time and that you are hers forever and beyond.
  • In the end, be thankful that you have her by your side to spend the rest of your life with and that you are glad you’re going to grow old with the most beautiful woman on Earth.
  • After ending your letter, sign it with all your love. Say, Forever yours [Your Name].
  • Spray it with a perfume that she loves and seal the letter in a pretty-looking envelope. Write your lady’s name on it and you are done.

Still Nervous about How to Write a Love Letter to a Girlfriend?

You know what is the first thing you should do?

Write a rough letter for your girlfriend. You can edit it as many times as you can, see where you can do better, use better words, and of course, use correct English.

Sometimes, the words you choose can convey a meaning different than what you originally intended.

So, writing it, reading it, and editing it too will put forward your best in front of the one you love.

Remember, it takes time to write a love letter to a girlfriend that makes her feel special and loved.

So, don’t hurry! First, figure out what and how you want to frame your gift of love and then take all the time in the world you want to write it down.

Nothing will ever be perfect and so, neither will your letter be but that’s why it will be priceless for your lady love.

Since you are sincere and it will show, she will be more than happy. In the end, that is what matters to you, isn’t it? 😊

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