How To Write a Love Letter

A love letter is a letter of respect that conveys deep, difficult to express feelings.

Being In Love Is Being Inspired!!! Stay Inspired——-Stay In Love!!!

May be your heart is beating wildly or maybe it’s broken. You wish you could say what you feel. Love is complicated as well as a sensitive feeling, expressing that feeling through writing is said to be a love letter.


Love letter ought to be written in such a way so that your beloved could understand your true feelings.

Some useful tips to write a love letter:-

  • PRESENTATION: To present your love in a letter, use a beautiful stationary. As, this letter is going to be written for someone special.
  • AMBIENCE: Select obscure places, where you are all alone, have dim lights which stimulate a romantic mood.
  • Date your letter because this is a letter which will be kept treasured and remembered always.
  • GREETING: choose an alluring salutation. Don’t write letter in a formalized manner. Like for my love Sneak…
  • BEGINNING: Start your letter by telling your beloved the reason behind writing.

For instance: “I have gone through many sleepless nights trying to find words to express my love and describe my feelings but failed every time. It’s the only way that could be better than this!

Never pique your beloved’s feeling or belittle yourself by saying something like “you must think me I m crazy.

  • Body: Mention here the reason why you started falling for him/her.

Recall when you fell for them : the day or time when you felt the first time that you are in love

Explain how your life is changed: Give compliments to your beloved and tell her about your feelings.

Explain how much you miss your beloved when you are apart.

List some common interests.

Recall some special moments like the moments you shared together, the time you spent together.

List their qualities apart from everyone else: Tell them what they are best at and the thing you like most about them.

Dedicate any song or quote which makes them feel special.

  • Be real: Be confident as you express your emotions, dreams and vulnerability.
  • Be expressive: use such words, which you generally don’t use for everyone and that’s makes them feel at cloud nine.
  • Valediction: Don’t just end up with love Soya, make your closing upbeat and positive.

And add something special like your dreams you want to fulfill with your beloved, after knowing all these things your beloved will fall in love with you once again.

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