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Top 10 Most Common Reasons for Teenage Breakups 2021

trust issue

10 biggest reasons for breakups

Most of us want to settle down after spending a quarter of the century of our life. But in the teenage things are much different and complicated. Teenage breakups are one of the biggest truths of a teenage life.

It is a time when physically and mentally we evolve. We commit mistakes and we learn from them.

One of the most pleasant experience of life is to fall in love in teenage. It is something that is beyond explanation.         teenage breakups Teenage is an age where attraction is the most common thing happen. Attraction towards opposite gender is very common during this age.

One more thing we posses during our teenage is lack of maturity and impulsive behavior towards certain things.

Falling is love and that too in teenage is out of the world feeling that is pretty hard to summarize through words.

But why do teenage relationship fail? What are those reasons that force us to split form our partner?

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Let’s have a quick look on the 10 biggest reason for teenage breakups.

1. Lack of maturity

One of the most common reason for a teenage breakups are lack of maturity. emotional immaturity - cause of teenage breakupsIt is not teenagers fault though. Teenage is an age where no body is supposed to mature enough to take wise decisions.

Lack of maturity leads to several mistakes and confusion in a teenage relationship and this is one of the main reason for a teenage breakups.

2. Trust issue

As I said above, teenage is an age where we are not much mature enough to take wise and appropriate decisions and this is one of the main reason why teenage relationship issues is cause of teenage breakups

It is because of our actions, trust issues generally rises in a teenage relationship and that somehow someway destroys the trust and mutual consent between partners.

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3. Physical Abuse

I don’t know if you are aware about it or not but over 20% of US women has accepted that they have suffered Physical abuse in teenage relationship.physical abuse cause of teenage breaksups

It is not that shocking though. It is a general belief that teenage is a stage of rush in adrenaline but there is no scope of justifying physical abuse in any relationship. No wonder it is one of the core reasons of teenage breakups.

4. Mental Abuse

Well, this is one of the worst thing that highlights the worst consequences of teenage relationship.mental abuse cause of teenage breakups

Teenage is an age where we want to live our life more joyfully and happily but this is also a reality that one of the main reason of teenage breakups are mental abuse or emotional abuse.

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5. Attraction towards another person

In my opinion it is of one the most common reason for a teenage breakups. Some teens generally breakups on each other because they find their love life boring.

It is one of the most common thing where partners are breaking up on each other because they find their partner not so much interesting anymore or they have find someone new more appealing and attracting.

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6. Lack of Communication

Communication is like a bridge that fills the gap between you and your loved one. Its benefit are countless in a relationship.

But it is one of the main reason for a teenage breakups. Lack of communication creates agony and frustration among the mind of partners and that eventually lead to a teenage breakups.

7. Control and obsession

Love is free and nobody can bind you in a relationship. Be it teenage relationship. Married relationship or a virtual relationship. There is no scope of obsession and controlling each other.obsession is cause of teenage breakups

It is generally common that your partner is obsessed and control your activity sometimes but after a while it becomes their habit and these things start to create problem for them. No wonder this is why teenage breakups takes place.

8. Peer Pressure

Peer pressure always plays a huge and crucial role in the lives of teenagers. Teenagers are so much affected because of peer pressure.peer pressure is cause of teenage breakups

There is no doubt that peer pressure always initiates teenage breakups. Peers are the one who generally search flaws in our love life. Sometimes it is helpful but sometime it is not.

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9. Lack of space

Too much of everything is harmful. Weather its love or anything else, proper time and space is a must thing of every relationship.

In teenage due to lack of maturity and impulsive behavior we generally forget that our partner has its won life and commitments. Too much closeness has always been a reason for a teenage breakups.

10. Cheating

Well, this one doesn’t need any explanation at all. Cheating is arguably the biggest reason why teenage breakups takes place. Well not just teenage but every relationship surrenders in front of cheating.cheating is cause of teenage breakups 2

Well doesn’t matter what could be the reasons but cheating  on your partner can never be justified.

I know it is very hard and confusing to be in teenage relationship as it have many teenage relationship problems but pure love and loyalty can conquer everything.

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This is it for now. Do you have any suggestions? Post your views in the box below and for more articles related to love and relationship, keep visiting Anniversary Roses.


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