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Top 10 Relationship Deal Breakers

Deal breakers in relationship

Its good to have a partner. Whether you are a teenager or a full grown person, After a certain point of time, we all need someone to hold our hands during rough times.

But not all relationships are perfect. There are certain times when you find gap between each other regarding different things.

Deal breakers in relationship

Its all up to the level of understanding and maturity between the partners of how to come over these things and to make relationship successful.

But sometimes, nothing else matters and you find that your relationship is not working anymore, but, what are those reasons when we find that the time is now to move on? There are certain thing that works as a deal breaker in the relationship. What are those factors? Lets have a quick look at the ten most common relationship deal breakers

1. Trust

Deal breakers in relationship

Trust is the biggest factor that work as a relationship deal breakers in love life. It is very common to face these kind of problems in love life but according to various surveys, trust issue is the biggest reason why relationship fails.

Trust issues could be related to past relationship or certain actions of our partner but not solving this matter could lead to a big reason for relationship deal breakers.

2. Lack of communication


In my personal opinion, this is the biggest relationship deal breakers. Lack of communication leads to agony and frustration in mind. We all face issues in daily life in different aspects i.e financial issues, love life, family matter etc.

It is very necessary to have a proper communication between the partners so that they can easily overcome the main core of the issue.

3. Lack of attention

attention as relationship deal breaker

One of the most common reason for relationship deal breakers, specially in teenagers.

It is very common that your partner demands more time from you and its all up to you how you manage your social life with your love life.

4. Expectations

expectations as relationship deal breaker

” Expectations kills happiness”

It is very common to have expectations with our partners. We all have. Don’t we? But what if expectations become overload and burden in our life? this lead to the fourth reason of relationship deal breakers.

Expectations needs to be manage and fulfill without stress and trouble.

5. Hidden benefits

benefits as relationship deal breaker


Hidden benefits is also one of the main factor of relationship deal breakers. Relationships are the definition of affection, sacrifice and caring. It has no place for hidden motives and hidden benefits.

These days relationships are more for benefits than love and feeling and this is why people suffers most.

6. Intolerance/Anger

anger as relationship deal breaker

Doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you are in, having a short temper mind or intolerant behavior is one of the main reason of relationship deal breakers.

People generally try to neglect that they are suffering form anger management issues but in the long run, it is their relationship that suffers.

7. Family Matters

family matters as relationship deal breaker


It is not a very discussed issue but still it is in the list of ten relationship deal breakers. Relationship always gets affected by family issues.

Doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you are in, you cannot afford to have ignore the family issues as long as you don’t sort them out.

8. Health Issues

health as relationship deal breaker

Ever wonder that your partner is getting frustrating by nature day by day? Ever felt that, they are getting irritate on common jokes? Well, this brings us to the eighth point in our countdown of ten relationship deal breakers.

This one we faces in our daily life when we find our partner more irritating and ignorant than ever before. It is because of the mental and physical health issues that we faces in our daily life.

Mental and physical issues need to be check in soon time before it could lead to unfavorable events that includes break up.

9-  Shifting Prioritiesshifting of priorities as relationship deal breaker

Priorities change a person. It always hurt when a person, who used to love you and care you so much, started avoiding you.

Reason could be anything. It could be intentional or unintentional but when a person shifts its priorities that includes you, it hurt most.

These days,

it is one of the main reason why relationship fails. According to several surveys,  Shifting priorities is the 3rd biggest relationship deal breakers among couples after, trust issues and anger issues.

10.  Lack of respect

lack of resprect

Well this might surprise you but lack of respect between the couple is also a main factor of relationship deal breakers.

According to a report, 42% of couples filed for divorce because they find there is a lack of respect between each other.

Self respect is not the only thing in it. it also includes, low self -esteem, lack of confidence and insecurity in it. And as far as love is concern when there is no self respect than there is no space for love.

This is our list of 10 relationship deal breakers. Would you like to add something? comment in the box below and keep visiting at Anniversary roses for more posts related to relationship.


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