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Top 10 Relationship Quotes

Best relationship quotes to personify your love, affection and mutual respect for each other

Love is easy to get but hard to manage. It is you and your partner who knows how they feel, when you meet each other. Relationship quotes defines that feeling in an unprecedented way.

But how do we feel in a relationship? What are those feelings that bind us with them in a romantic way? How do we define them?


Various Writers, poets, musicians and story tellers have tried to justify love and relationship on several occasions with the help of relationship songs, movies and other things. And today we are going to personify relationship on the basis of relationship quotes.

Relationship quotes always helps to summarize love and affection in a short way. It is one of those things that define our love with the help of beautiful words.

So here are the 10 best relationship quotes to express your love.

1. Trust


Trust is something without which nothing can survive. As this quote states, trust is something like gas or petrol in relationship and without it, nothing cap happen.

Trust works as a benchmark of your relationship or according to me it is like a root of our relationship. Trust and mutual interest is a must thing in a relationship.

2. Be Yourself

Be yourself

Oprah Winfrey nicely summarize the value of self esteem and self value in a relationship with this relationship quotes.

It is not a worthy relationship if it doesn’t allow you to be what you truly are. A true relationship is something that always allow you to be free because that’s what real lovers do.

3. One Love

One day

Love is something that explains why you are perfect with that person and with nobody else. This is what this relationship quotes states.

There will be a day when someone will enter in your life and you will find out that why they are the best choice for you and why nobody else was.

4. Space

Space is something that keeps things fresh and better all the time. Loving, caring and affection in a relationship is common but there must be a space in it.

Love is something that must be fresh and joyful all the time. Over load of something always kills its freshness and that always happen in a relationship.

5. Need and Affection

Need and affection

Some relationship quotes are sweet and sour. They can’t live with each other and they can’t live without each other.

Love is something that has all the elements of a perfect love story. It has romance, drama, fights and complications but the most important thing relationship has, love and affection for each other.

6. Need and habit


You are going to meet thousands of people in life and no wonder you are not going to remember even half of them.

What this relationship quotes says is that there is going to be someone special in your life that will become your favorite habit and you will never realize it.

7. Commitment


This is one of the most important relationship quotes. There is no doubt in everyone’s mind that great relationship comes with great responsibilities.

Relationship is that kind of responsibility in which you can never turn your back on your partner. You should never commit, what you cannot do and in case you have committed, be ready to fulfill it.

8. Respect


One of the most basic relationship quotes ever. Respect is something that is as important as trust and love in a relationship.

In my personal opinion, I would rate respect over love in a relationship. Because a relationship can survive with only respect for each other but it cannot grow alone with the help of love. Mutual respect for each other is a must thing in a relationship.

9. No Scope of Force


This is one of the most important relationship quotes we have in our list. This one clarifies and highlights the importance of mutual consent in a relationship.

You cannot do anything in love. This is one of the most basic thing we all need to know. Love is something that remain free all the time and any kind of force or pressure will ruin everything.

10. Craziness


Sometimes two crazy people makes the best love story. Love is something that you cannot see or touch. It is a feeling that you and your loved one feels.

It is that song of heart that only you and your lover listen. So if you ever find that crazy, weird person in life, don’t let them go.

All those millions of small moments of love, affection and romance we share with each other defines our bond and love for each other.

This is all we have in the list of 10 best relationship quotes for now. In case if you have any opinion regarding the list, feel free to comment in the box below.

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