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Top 10 Things to Do on Valentine’s Day

Make your Valentine’s Day Worth Remembering this Year 🙂

Valentine’s day is one of the most beautiful day of the year specially for the couples. it is the most awaited day of the year for them to express their love and affection towards the partner.

Valentine’s Day is approaching very soon and since you guys are in confusion regarding what to do and how to make your valentine’s day special, its time to take a look at 10 things you need to do to make Valentine’s day special and worth remembering.Valentine's Day



1.      Take the day off on Valentine’s Day


The first important thing you can do is to take a day off from all the work you do. Not only it will give you more time to plan and enjoy your Valentine’s day but it will help you in attaining more love from your partner. Make sure there is no pending work and nobody to disturb you on the day. 

2.      Create a Beautiful handmade love note


To start your Valentine’s day in a romantic way, you should make a handmade love note for your loved one. It is very beautiful and heart warming to have such stuff because it comes from the heart.

Make sure that your love note must contain all special elements of Valentine’s day and your partner like pictures from your first date, first dinner etc.

3-      Prepare a Plan for Valentine’s Day


It is very necessary to have a full plan of what to do and what not to do on Valentine’s day. You must make a list in your mind of what you are going to do. What places you are going to visit. Which movie you are going to watch.

4.Visit the Place You First Met


You cant get a better way to feel the joy of love on Valentine’s day then to go out to the place you met first to each other. It will give you a special and nostalgic feeling in your heart. Visiting such places will also give you an unique feeling of meeting someone in that particular place on that time.

5.   Do Something New on Valentine’s Day


It is always better to spend your Valentine’s day in learning something specially with your partner. You can choose to learn something you haven’t learn yet, doesn’t matter if you are afraid to.

You can go for swimming, horse riding, rock climbing etc. apart from learning, it will make your day memorable.

6.      Go for a Long Ride on Valentine’s Day


Going for a love ride with your valentine is one of the best and more heartwarming thing you can do on a Valentine’s day. It is one of the most basic thing you can do for them. Long ride has its own special feeling where you can forget everything and listen to only each other.

One thing to remember during long ride is that it should not about driving but you and your special one’s special moment.

7.      Be Appreciative on Valentine’s Day


It is one of the most important and memorable day for them. Make sure to appreciate them in a lovely and polite way. Appreciate the way your girlfriend looks. Appreciate your boyfriends arrangement for you. Appreciate gifts and thank each other for all the time you have been together after all the ups and downs.

8.      Plan a Movie together


Most of us like movie and Valentine’s day is not complete until you have not been to a movie. Make sure selection of the movie must be very unique.

 It is not not very necessary to go for cinema halls or to buy an expensive ticket, you can plan a movie at your home with each other. Planning a movie is a very beautiful time to spend with each other specially if you watch the same movie you watched first time with each other.

9.      Candle Lit Dinner


No Valentine’s day is complete without candle light dinner. It is the most inevitable part of Valentine’s day. Dinner under the candle lights is the most beautiful way to express your love for each other.

 Boys must be looking after basic need of her partner during dinner like serving her food, appreciate the way she is dressed and other.

10.  Gifts for Each Other


Do you thing your Valentine’s day is complete without gifts? Well, at the end when you are done with spending a beautiful day with each other,its  time to give gift for each other. Regarding gifts you must be very selective about colors and designs.

If you are giving a watch to your boyfriend, make sure its design is premium and if you giving a wonderful dress to her, make sure the color of the dress must be very beautiful.

These 10 special things make your Valentine’s day lovely and unique. Would you like to add something? Then comment in the box below.


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