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What do Boys Expect From a Marriage

What do boys expect from a marriage

Marriage is one of the most beautiful experience of life. It is also the most important and crucial change in our lives.

When it comes to marriage, it is a general fact that, girls have much ambitions and desires regarding their life partners. It is a general belief that boys are not so much enthusiastic about marriage than as compared to girls.
What do boys expect from a marriage

It is also a general theory that women think that boys don’t think about marriage and for them it is just another event of life. This notion is totally false, most of the men want to have a lovely life partner and desire to have a prosperous future.

But the question remains the same, what kind of girl a boy prefers? what do they expect from them? and, what do they expect from a marriage. Well, let’s have a quick look on the 10 things boys expect from a marriage.

1.  Mutual UnderstandingMutual understanding from marriage

The first thing boys expect from marriage is mutual understanding between each other. This is one of the most basic things a boy expects from a marriage.

Mutual understanding must be there in a marriage, so that they can understand each other in life. Proper understanding between each other, is considered as the root of marriage and without it, nothing is possible.

2. Polite and Respectfulpolite and respectful from marriage

As a man, i believe that my wife must be polite. It is generally believed that most boys like polite girls. Another thing boys expect from marriage is that their wife must be respectful. By respectful, we mean that she must respect her in-laws and her family members.

It is a general belief that a respectful and polite girl makes the best married life because of the fact that they easily steal everyone’s heart with her polite manners and respectful behaviors towards everyone.

3. Honestyhonest wife

Another basic thing boys expect from marriage is honesty. With modern culture, where relationship and marriage are not that much successful, boys expect from marriage that her wife must be honest enough so that they can trust them blindly.

Honesty cannot be scaled and cannot be measured. It is just you and her, who is going to deal with each other for the rest of your life.

4. Career Orientedcareer oriented wife

Don’t be surprised. Boys expect from marriage that her life partner must be career oriented. Gone are those days, when women used to be considered as kitchen oriented housewives.

Now with the modern age, boys expect from marriage that her life partner must also be focused on her career and professional life.

It would be icing on the cake if she is kitchen friendly as well. This is the best combination boys expect from marriage.

5. House Managerhousemaker wife

House manager is an another thing boys expect from a marriage. Boys generally don’t like to be indulge in house activities and on other hand, girls are specialized in it.

It is a basic ambition of a boy that after marriage, his wife will take care of their house and he will be released from these activities forever.

6. Handmade Dinnerhandmade dinner from wife

Making a dinner is an exhausting and time consuming process. These days, girls generally don’t want to indulge themselves into kitchen related activities.

But, a good wife should know how to make healthy and delicious dishes. Boys love to eat home made dishes and it would be amazing if it is made by you. Gourmet dishes from you will always be loved by them. after all ,The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach

7. Romanceromantic wife

Next thing boys expect from marriage is romance. yes, women are not the only one who love romance, boys love it too.

Boys expect that their marriage life must be romantic enough that they don’t get bore of each other. Just like girls, boys also love to spend quality time with each other. Things like dinner, movies, romantic trips make a relationship better and joyful.

8. Humorhumorous wife

Nobody wants to get bored in life and when it comes to life time companion, boys expect from marriage that her wife must be humorous enough.

Boys love to enjoy and crack jokes and it is an ultimate thing boys expect from marriage. They believe that she must be humorous enough to handle jokes on each other. They believe that, a healthy humorous conversation can make them laugh and keep the stress of the day out of life.

9. Traditionally Moderntraditionally modern wife

By traditionally we mean that she must have knowledge about their Culture and tradition and must be modern enough to be well aware about latest trends in the world.

Here, i would like to state that she should follow cultural and traditional mentality in terms of dress code and taste and belief.

10. Supportivesupportive life partner

Arguably, the most important thing boys expect from marriage. It is the most important thing boys expect from their wives. She must be supportive in all of his decisions in life. They believe that, girls must support them in all major and minor decisions in life.

Boys expect from marriage that she must be there in all the high and low moments of life. These things make a marriage more stronger and enjoyable..

Although there are many other things boys expect from marriage but, these ten things are most common that a boy want in a wife and marriage.

This is all for now. Would you like to add something that according to you boys expect from marriage? then comment in the box below and for more articles on love and relationship, stay connected to AnniversaryRoses.


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