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What Does Love Mean – Science and Religion

Religion vs Science

Answering the most asked question about love!

In 2012, the most popular search on Google was, What is love? It is a common phenomenon in today’s generation to fall in love and to express it. But, whenever the question arises that what true love is, most of the time it remains unanswered.

A lot of discussion has been done over the past years to discuss what love truly is but nothing solid has come out of it. So, lets have a brief discussion about what love truly means!

what is love

Love can be categorized as a connection of science and religion because both science and religion posses the same kind of characteristics but science and religion also have a lot of differences that separates love from the point of view of science and religion.

Love is something that keeps poets and philosophers up at night but science has its own explanation about it or precisely has a lot of definitions about it. Answer might depend on the type of scientist or researcher you ask.

Religion vs Science

Love as Science

A biologist would coin the theory that it’s all about reproduction or survival of the species, whereas a psychologist would coin the theory related to psychology of human needs that explains our need of affection and togetherness.

But, the best way to learn about love is with the help of chemistry. We have seen in novels, shows and movies that heart is the symbol of love but practically it’s our brain, which performs every activity related to love.

love is science

When a person first falls in love, several parts of our brain lights up to release powerful chemicals and hormones. It also releases chemical of affection and excitement that includes Euphoria and Butterflies.

Several research indicate that the unconditional love between mother and a child, activates and releases different kind of hormones than as compared to other love.

Passion and affection in new love is the reason of flooding in the brain cells that releases chemicals like Adrenaline, Norepinephrine and Dopamine. This is also the reason why love on intense new level looks unprecedented. These chemical hormones are also responsible for giving you a feel of being happy about every thing.


The unconditional love between a mother and a child is the reason of Oxytocin hormone that releases a chemical during the child birth that helps to cement bond between them.

With these facts, discussed above, it is practically defined and explained that our feeling of affection for any special person is called love. Love is based on brain and the chemical hormones released by its cells. Love has nothing to do with heart but somehow it is connected and correlated to our heart as we have seen in the novels, shows and movies.

Love as Religion

Love as religion that doesn’t include the practical aspect in it, but emotional and psychological aspect of passion, affection and care.

Love is something that basically depends on where you are in the aspect of relationship. when you are in a relationship you feel and need love like your basic needs such as air, food and sleep but when you are out of it, you feel disturbed and devastated. So,overall it is related to the emotional side of  a person.

love is religion

Love as religion is a minor part of psychology. It basically states the fact that love is somehow some way correlated to religion. Love and religion both includes affection, basic belief, values and demands.

Like religion, love is basically characterized by affection, trust, caring and love. Whereas, it is affected by several things that also affect religious belief such as obsession, fanatic belief and fake values.

The correlation between love and religion is basically made due to several other reasons and it is not just happening in recent days. it has been going on for centuries.

love is religion

It is amazing and surprising that even in today’s era, sometimes we try to correlate love with religious belief and trust by quoting things like “Our story was written in heaven”,  “Even God cannot separate us”, etc.


By far from the above discussion, we can summarize that our love has been affected by numerous reasons that include science and religion. Science tells us the practical aspect of the reason of the incident place in love due to several activities in brain, whereas religion aspect highlight the emotional, sentimental and psychological aspect of love.

However, both science and religion may have different branches of human aspect but science and religion somehow and someway correlate to each other. When it comes to the matter related to love.

Science and religion may have different philosophy but the level of mentality towards love is almost the same of science and religion. Science and religion direct different kinds of approach but, both science and religion present multi-level explanation of love.

Science and religion need to be with love in a positive manner in order to be successful in any kind of relationship, because both science and religion are meant for love.

Science and Religion

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