What is a Platonic Relationship


Platonic Relationship: The purest form of love

What is platonic relationship? What does that mean? With the modern evolution of love, one thing that has also evolved and it is the way we love each other.

From being in a genuine relationship to live-in relationship or virtual relationship, things have completely changed.


Some people loves it and some people hates it, but the fact remains true that the way, we love each other has completely evolved.

We have different kind of relationship examples people are living in. Some are in typical old school relationship, some are far away from each other in a long distance relationship and some are loving each other via internet i.e virtual relationship.

We are now evolving towards a new form of human love and that is called as platonic relationship. But what does that really mean? What platonic relationship exactly means?


In common words, platonic relationship can be defined as a relationship that is a based on affection and in which sexual element doesn’t exist. Especially in case where one might easily assume otherwise.

Or in other words we can say that platonic relationship is deep non-sexual relationship between two people of different gender.

Origin of  platonic relationship


The Florentine scholar, Marsilio Ficino coined platonic relationship for the first time in 15th century. The basic idea behind it, was non compromised love between two persons.

In around 1630, platonic relationship entered in English and certainly in the mid 18th century platonic relationship was introduced in Britain and in other countries.

Reasons why platonic relationship is a good things for you

One of the main questions, that always arise in our mind that does that platonic relationship really worthy? Is it safe enough?

Well, keeping everything aside we tried to bring a list of 5 reasons, why platonic relationship can be a good deal for you.

1. You don’t need to impress anybody

no need to impress

One of the best things about platonic relationship is that you don’t need to impress anyone in it.

You can be what you want. You can dress up the way you want. Your partner won’t bat an eye because of love and affection you share with them. This is why it is so much better and lovely.

2. They know you very well

they know you well

In a typical relationship, you have to impress each other and you have to know each other and it takes time but in case of platonic relationship, this things doesn’t exist.

In a platonic relationship, you don’t have to fill blank space with your partner. They have known you for a very long time. They know what you are and what you have been through.

3. Knowledge about opposite gender

knowledge about opposite gender

One of the main benefits about platonic relationship is that you can have a good amount of knowledge related to opposite gender, thanks to your partner.

A platonic best friend always gives you genuine and legitimate idea about what they like. What they like about opposite gender and other things. So these things comes as other benefit in this kind of relationship.

4. Best and legit advice

best advice

Another significance of having a platonic partner is that you are going to get the best opinion from them.

On of the main reasons behind this is that you don’t have to maintain their mood by being bias or unfair with your advice like people generally do in a relationship.

You can be true and honest with your advice in this relationship and it doesn’t matter whether they likes it or not.

5. No Complications

No complications

Let’s face it, One of the main reasons, why people don’t want to fall in love is because of the fact that great relationship comes with great responsibilities.

In the beginning of every relationship, everything looks great and lovely but after a while you start to feel exhausted in it because of all the dramas and complication you face in it.

But, when it comes to platonic relationship, things are much clear and fresh most of the time. You don’t have to deal with each other on the basis of couples. You can be besties and that is a lot for you to settle and fix everything.

Precisely, if you ask me, I would say that this kind of relationship is free from all the boundations and complications of other relationships and that’s the best part about it.

This is it for now. In case if you have got anything to say or anything you would like to suggest, feel free to comment in the box below for your valuable opinions.

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