What is Joint family


What joint family is all about? Let’s analyze

One of the most important aspects of a human life is having a family. And as far as joint family is concerned, things are more thrilling and adventurous.

Family is one of those things that give us will, will to live, will to fight, and a will to never give up.

Besides mutual support and caring, family teach us the real meaning of sacrifice and love in life.


The whole topic of family, is not small. It is deep and large. It has many categories and out of them, the concept of joint family is very popular in certain places.

This whole concept of joint family system, symbolizes the unity and strength of a family.

So, the question is, what is joint family? What is it all about?

Joint family

Do you want to know what is joint family?

In the simplest words, joint family is an extended group of people living in a same house and sharing common belief.

Or in other words, we can say that, it is a family, where many generation live together under one roof and share same belief and culture for their lives.

Joint family in the world


How do you know what is joint family?

There is no place in the world, where this category of family doesn’t exist. But, India is a place, where large number of joint families are found.

In India, the culture of joint families has been prevailing for a good time.

In India, it is basically known as the Joint Hindu Family, where as in the other parts of the world, it is known as Extended family.

Psychology behind joint families system


One of the most important things about this type of family system, is what is the mentality behind it? What do peoples think, before opting joint family.

One of the main reasons, behind this, is that, many people believes that, unity is strength, they strictly believe that, living under one roof will not only strengthen them, but it will also help them to utilize their resources in the best possible way.

Another reason is, joint families system is the main and prime characteristics feature of agricultural society, this type of societies are generally available in South Asian countries, such as, India, Pakistan and China.

If you know unity is a big strength of people then you can understand very well what is joint family.

Main Characteristics of joint family

One of the main reasons why it is so different from other types of family, is its characteristics, which are as following.

If you want to know, what is joint family then you can learn from these points.

1. Large number of peoples


One of the prime characteristics of joint family, is that it has more numbers of member in the family than as compared to other types of family.

In nuclear or short family, the number of members are less. In joint families, it has large numbers of member in the family, that includes, mother, father, son, daughter, grand mother, grand father, uncle, aunt and others.

When you see these people living together in harmony and love, then you truly understand what is joint family.

2. Joint property

Joint property

It is obvious that, when you are living with each other under one roof, the size of the property will be large and will be in combined form.

It can be said that, in joint family the overall consumption, wealth, asset and liabilities will be counted in a joint form.

3. Same residence


Well, this one doesn’t take rocket science to figure out. It is obvious that in the joint families, the residence will be the same.

All of the family members live under one roof, as long as they can.

4. Common activities


One of the main characteristics of joint families is that it includes same kind of activities in the families.

They eat together, they play together, they eat same kind of foods. Overall, they have most of the activities in common.

5. Same set of right and responsibilities

same set of resposnbilities

In joint family, each and every member of the member has same right and responsibilities to follow and perform.

These things follow same set of procedure and method of everyone without any partiality and other thing.

6. Same religion and mentality


Religion and mentality may not matter to other peoples but in joint family, it matters a lot.

In joint family, all the members generally have, same mindset and same religion, that has been gifted by their ancestors.

7. Same set of principles with love and affection

same responsbility in joint family

Set of principles and belief is something that always keeps a joint family together. It is something that makes them more strong and better.

Another main character of joint family is that it always contains, love, affection, mutual caring and mutual respect for each other in the family.

These things are must in every family. These things make a family strong and better.

There is a belief that joint family system is vanishing day by day, and at some extent, it is true as well. But, there is no doubt that joint family system is still there is many parts of the word and many joint families are living peacefully.

This is all for now. What do you think about joint family? What are your views on joint family?

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