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What is LGBT Parenting – Learn What’s Important


LGBT Parenting- One of a kind

Parenting has its own style. It is one of those topics, that is wide and complicated. One of the most trended topics in the parenting is LGBT parenting.

LGBT parenting has become the most debated topic in the world right now. You can understand how sensitive this topic is, as it has divided the world into two parts.


There are those, who are in complete favor of LGBT parenting. And, there are group of those people who are completely against of it.

So what LGBT parenting is? What LGBT parenting is it all about ?

LGBT parenting stands for lesbian parenting, gay parenting, bisexual parenting and transgender parenting.

LGBT parenting includes four different things in it and each has its own meaning.

1. Lesbian Parenting


A lesbian is a female homosexual, who tends to make physical, emotional and psychological relationship with other females.

As far as Lesbian parenting is concerned, it is a process in which two female lesbian women, decide to form a family by welcoming a baby.

Lesbian parenting includes all the daily day to day tasks related to child without indulgence of male.

2. Gay parenting


Just like lesbians, gay are those who desire to form physical, emotional and psychological relationships with other males.

Now, when it comes to gay parenting, this is same as lesbian parenting. In gay parenting, two gay decide to raise a baby all by themselves.

Just like lesbian parenting, gay parenting involves only males.

3. Bisexual parenting


Third one in LGBT parenting is bisexual parenting. Bisexual is someone, who can sexually and emotionally attracted towards both male and female, and can form relationship with any one of them.

In bisexual parenting, a person can raise a child with a male or with a female.

4. Transgender parenting


A transgender is someone, whose gender differs from the one they were given when they were born.

In that case, most of the transgender decide to change their gender through operation.

Just like all type of parenting, in transgender parenting, a transgender decide to raise a child with or without the help of their partner.

Since we have discussed all the aspects of LGBT parenting, its time to draw some attention on how LGBT couples can become parents in life.

There are basically three forms available by which lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender can become parents, which are as following.

Forms of being a parent in LGBT

1. Adoption


Adoption is the most simplest and the most reliable way to have kids in your LGBT family.

Adoption is one of the most significant and common solutions for those who are looking for kids in the family.

One of the most significant benefits of adoption is, that not only it will make your family complete, but it will also give an orphan a house and a family.

2. Surrogacy


One of the most sophisticated and advanced methods of having a baby, is thorough with the help of surrogacy.

Surrogacy is a process where a contracted women, by using sperm of the father, decide to keep a baby in her womb, with the help of artificial minimization.

Once this process is done, baby can be kept in the womb of contacted woman, and after the delivery, she relinquish the child to them.

Surrogacy basically has two types

  1. Traditional- Where artificial insemination in the womb of the surrogate mother is done with the help of the sperms of the father.
  2. Gestational- In this ( In vitro Fertilization) IVF is used, where woman’s eggs are gather together and later fertilized with father’s sperm.

3. Artificial Insemination


This one is specially for lesbians. In case they are looking for a kid, artificial insemination will always help them.

It is a process in which, a female partner is fertilized by a syringe that contain sperm of the donor.

This make them pregnant and they can welcome a child in the family.

In both of the cases of surrogacy and artificial insemination, donation may be done for humanitarian causes or for financial earning.

4. Future advance methods

future-advance-methods in LGBT parenting

Doesn’t matter if, above mentioned scientific methods define the reach of medical science, but, as I said above, science always prove us that sky has no limit.

Currently, various research are going on to design the parenthood, that which will assist couple of same gender to have kids by their own.

All we can do, is wait and hope that again this time medical science will prevail everything.

LGBT parenting is just like straight, single, authoritative, co- parenting or any other form of parenting, we observe in our daily life.

Just like these styles of parenting, LGBT parenting has all the rights to give and to take love.

As a part of the respectful society, we need to change our perspective and approach towards LGBT parenting. They are just like all of us.

This is all for LGBT parenting now. What do you think about LGBT parenting? What are you views on LGBT parenting?

Do you support or despise LGBT parenting? Feel free to comment in the box below and for more articles related to love, relationship and parenting, stay in touch with Anniversary Roses.


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