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What to Do After a Break Up – Pick Yourself Up


How to get over of breaking up

It is hard to find a match. In the today’s age where everyone is wearing a fake mask of pretending to be something, they are not, it is not an easy task to find someone trustworthy and a person, you feel something special about.

It is very normal to fall in love with someone at any stage of life. Whether you are a teenager or a full grown up person, you will definitely find someone special for you.

But why does a relationship fails? Why we find nearly impossible to deal with the same person we were supposed to spend our entire life with?


Reason could be so many but the point is break up hurts a person most. It breaks a person’s heart to its core.

Dark circles under eyes due to break up may get healed but deep down we know that our heart is hurt and need to be repaired.

So what to do after break up? How to make things better and how to heal yourself after break up? From mental and psychological prospective you need to take care of yourself after ending your love life.


After ending your love life, these things you should always do

1. Delete all the pictures and conversations

delete all the pictures

Delete all the pictures and conversation you had with your partner during the relationship. This is the first thing you need to do after break up.

Pictures and conversations are the main reason why you remember your partner again and again and this could be the reason why you feel depressed most of the time. So it is better to get rid of these things as soon as possible.

2. Cut all ties with them

cut all ties

If things are ugly in your case, you should never hesitate in cutting all ties with your ex partner.

One more reason to delete all the contacts after break up is that once you are hurt by that person, you should never give them any more chance to do it again.

3. Go for Shopping


We all love shopping. Whether it’s boys or girls, you can’t say no to shopping.

Going for shopping is a very interesting thing you need to do after break up. Go for shopping with your friends enjoy delicious dishes with them, enjoy disco and do everything that makes you happy.

4. Plan a trip with friends

go for a trip

Enjoy as much as you can with your friends. They are the ones who always support you in every situation.

One of the best way to spend time with your friends is to plan a trip together. Decide the place you always wanted to go. Go there. Spending 4-5 days with your buddies in a long trip can help you to refresh your mind after break up.

5. Meet new people

meet new people

I know this one is going to be hard to execute. Once you feel betrayed and hurt by someone, it is not going to be easy for you to meet new people and befriend with them.

But that’s the way things go. This is life. You should meet new people in life and need to make more friends as much as possible. Who knows, your lifetime companion is waiting for you.

6. Do what you used to do

Do what you used to do

After a break up you should do what you always love to do. These things help you to rebuild yourself in an unexpected manner.

After indulging so much within our daily lives, we have never been able to take time from our busy schedules and that includes your relationship as well.

I have seen many cases where other partner doesn’t want their partner to do several things as it seems odd to them, but after break up you can do whatever you always wanted to do.

7. Get Engaged with your job

get engage with job

One of the best ways to get out of depression after break up is to get engaged with your job as much as you can.

One of the best things you can imagine after break up is that you can focus more on your career. There is no such thing as depression and commitment after break up, you can give your best to your career and can achieve professional success.

8. Develop new hobbies

develop new hobbies

There is no age of learning and you can’t get a better choice to learn things after break up. You should always look up for new things to learn.

No one knows how good of an artist you can be. Try new adventures in life and try to get out of all past things happened to you which make you sad.

9. Spend your time with family

spend time with family

One of the best ways to heal yourself is to meet your family. A sleep with your mother can resolve too many things.

It is very hard to spend time with your family and in the modern age where everyone is so busy with their lives and career. You should talk with your family about your life and should spend quality time with them.

10. Forget everything

forget and moveon

The biggest thing you must do after break up is to forget everything happened in past. You should consider your past life as a chapter that has already been over.

Instead of crying about your relationship, you should take positives out of it and should think that why you failed. This is the best way to get rid of everything negative after break up.

This is one of those things you should always do after break up instead of getting depressed about it.

This is it for now. Do you have any other suggestions that anyone should do after break up? Comment in the box below for your opinions and for more articles related to love and relationship, Stay connected to Anniversary Roses.


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