What to do When You Don’t Like Your Wife’s/Husband’s Parents and Relative

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Can’t stand with your in laws? Here is what you need t0 do

One of the most frequent problem we generally face is,what to do if you don’t like your wife’s/husband’s parents and relative? What is the solution of it? How to tolerate them?

Loving someone is one of the most pleasant experience of life. It is one of those things that is hard to explain and it takes a lot of effort to personify the greatness of it.

Great relationship comes with great responsibilities, and in case of love, things come in different packages.


It doesn’t matter if you are married or in a relationship with your partner, love life is sweet but complicated. It is one of the fact that when two people comes close, their families come as well.

Relationship is not just a bond between two people who love each other. It is also a bond of two different families. It is a bond of two culture an two different mindsets.

But, when mindset collides, relationship suffers. In the modern age when families are getting small day by day, people have no time for anyone and any disturbance and interference in lifestyles pisses them off.

People generally suffers when two different mindset collides and with this, liking an disliking arises between them. We have seen many cases where in laws do not like each other due to several reasons.

Nonetheless, Question here is, what to do if you don’t like your wife’s/husband’s parents and relative? How to deal with them if you don’t like your wife’s/husband’s parents and relative?

Here is a list of 8 best things you can do if you don’t like your wife’s/husband’s parents and relative?

1. Talk to your partner


One of the most basic things you can do to sort out this problem is by communicating your partner in a deep and clear manner.

You should come out strong with your partner regarding what you don’t like about their parents. Not discussing these things will put your partner in a situation where they have to choose between you and relatives.

2. Set boundaries


One of the best way you can deal if you don’t like your wife’s/husband’s parents and relative is by setting boundaries by yourself.

You need to create a line by yourself that will decide how much involvement you like to have with them. Always think clear cut about it and don’t even think about committing promises you can’t keep.

3. Communicate directly

communicate directly

Well, it has two parts one is communicate directly while the other one will be discussed in the next point.

What I mean to say is you need to communicate them directly without any intermediate. Dialogues between you and their parents and relative must be two way communication because it will eradicate all the chances of confusion and misunderstanding.

4. Communicate clearly


Once you have done direct communication between each other the next thing you need to do is talk clearly and frankly.

One of the main reason you don’t like your wife’s/husband’s parents and relative is because of misunderstanding and lack of communication. So talk less but clear.

5. Be kind and polite


This one is for you. While dealing with your in laws, one thing you always need to do is to stay calm and polite most of the time.

Relationship and marriage is not a one time deal, it is a big time investment so its worth investing in it. Try to cool your jets and stay calm as much as possible.

6.Try to understand them


It is not always true that what you see is what you get. Sometimes people are much different as they seem.

One of the most important reason why you don’t like your wife’s/husband’s parents and relative is because of their taunts and silly attitude that always pisses you off.

But think about other aspects as well. May be they seem much rigid but in real they are positive and genuine towards you. Try to understand their feelings rather than criticism.

7. Don’t force your partner to do anything


One of the main reason of stress in a relationship is because of dispute regarding liking and disliking of family members of each other.

No matter what, you should never force your partner and your children to cut off all the relationship they have with their grandparents and other family members.

Cutting all the ties with your in laws will not only eliminate your family strength but will also create cracks in your personal love life.

8. Be mature and try to compromise


At least try, they are your family as well. If you don’t like your wife’s/husband’s parents and relative, try to work on above mention points and it will definitely work for you.

Besides all the things, it is you and your partner those who are blessed to have a family, try to compromise in certain things but never compromise with your self respect.

It may be a generation gap or anything else but you can be happy with them.

This is all for what to do when you won’t like your wife’s parents and relatives topic. What do you think about it? Do you like your in laws? What makes you don’t like your wife’s/husband’s parents and relative ?

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