Will I ever Find Love- Don’t get Depressed


Some people think that they are going to end up in their life alone but it gets much worse. They are afraid that they are defected like damaged, screwed up and unlovable person.

So, why even bother dating or try to find anyone.

Finding true love is just like finding an apple in another season. When it isn’t, it isn’t going to happen. Sometimes it happens that you get a partner and  by that time you end up  getting married before you can enjoy the bliss of being in love. When it’s going to be the season then you will fulfill all your desires with your love.

Don’t give up on your romantic destiny. Many women say after a certain age that, now it’s too late. No one will ever want me now. I missed my opportunity, even if they are older. Love doesn’t happen according to our time.

In my experience I have seen some people like my  friend. As my friend was older than me and he was busy in achieving goals of his life. After he achieved everything when he looked back and saw he was all alone then he tried many times but he failed then he started thinking that love is not meant for him his life will end up being all alone. Days gone by he became lonely but after some time he found his true love but the thing he has done that he waited for the correct time and opportunity.

So relax. May be your dreams of love are just around the corner. So please don’t waste precious dates, smell the blossom. Always be happy for others enjoying their season of love. So, stop feeling sorry for yourself and start looking for new ways to go about it. See that you are not helpless when it comes to your love. I know it’s hard to hear this- but you are the one who is responsible for the state of your love life but you are also the one who can change things and who holds the key. It’s a good news, actually it’s damn good…so don’t think that love is not meant for you or you lack somewhere. So just trust your destiny and wait for the right season.

So, pull up your socks and wait for your moment. Don’t get depressed, one day you will find your true love.


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