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10 Things to Know about Online Dating

Its working

Before dating someone online, you should know these things

Online dating is the newest common phenomenon among the love birds these days. Online dating has transformed our romantic lives into an unparalleled level.

As a human, we all strive for love and affection in our life. You never know that you are falling in love with someone through internet.

Online dating is something that has become a part of our romantic culture. You may find many of your friends dating each through various platforms.

Online dating cover

Online dating is a platform where we look for a better partner for a relationship through various internet websites.

With these things in mind, we can say that it has become sensation among youth.

Internet has many things to offer. But what about love, lets have a quick look on the ten things you need to know about online dating.

1. One of the fastest way to meet each other

meeting new people

Over the past few years, online dating has achieved enormous heights. There are dozens of global and regional websites available that provides lovely platform for young people to meet each other.

As a matter of fact every 1 person out of 2 is in online relationship after meeting through these websites. If you convert it, it is 51%, that’s cool, isn’t it.

2. It is working

Its working

One thing that always comes to our mind when we think about online dating is, what will be the result? According to a national survey took place in 2010, Around 27% couples met online, ended up with marrying each other.

These things shows that dating each other online can also lead to a successful relationship.

3. Bigger Dark Side

Dark side

It has a very big drawback. It is very common that through dating websites, people have suffered a lot. You better take advice for teenage relationship with someone.

It is just because of dating online, people have become victim of online fraud, mental depression and moreover they have been cyber bullied by someone. There are many stats available that shows the amount of negativity virtual dating posses.

4. Online Fraud

Online fraud

According to a survey in 2014, 33% Britishers became victim of online fraud through these online dating websites and it is expected that the figure will rise in the upcoming year as well.

Many online dating websites also revealed that, heavy amount of their customers were being fooled through their websites.

5. Mental Depression


Online dating has also become a hub of mental depression among the users. Costumers of various dating websites have reported that at one stage they have suffered from mental depression.

Another study suggests that over 20% of users from Britain and United States (Combined) have suffered mental dis-balance due to many reasons such as Breaking up with partner, cheating etc.

6. Cyber Bullied

cyber bullied

Overall in a combined form, Virtual dating is the biggest reason of being cyber bullied.

Study suggest that numerous cases of financial fraud, mental depression and digital abuse were reported in Europe and Britain.

Many users revealed that somehow someway they felt that online dating is not much safe and they are not willing to join it ever again.

7. Still Growing

still growing

Despite all the hurdles and drawbacks, Online dating websites have been able to manage a good amount of growth in recent years.

These days, over 40% total Americans have joined online dating websites and it is expected that this hike will keep on in the next few years.

One of the main reason it has been so successful despite all the negativity is because of strong privacy policy and awareness among users.

8. Universal acceptance

universal acceptance

Many of us believed that online dating is very sophisticated and it is strictly for the young people. But truth is a lot different.

According to a study, the total number of users from the age of 18-24 is around 27%, whereas, the craze of online dating among 40-55 has also risen in a dramatic manner. Around 14% of online users are of 40-55 age.

These stats clearly shows that despite being a little bit risky, online dating has risen in a significant among among all the ages in the world. That clearly shows the universal acceptance and reach these websites has.

9. Early patch and break up

early break up and patch up

It is laughable that on one hand online relationship through these websites have provided enormous amount of couples living happily with each other but on other side, it shows they have made a mockery out of love and relationships.

It is believed that 12% of the virtual relationship through online dating websites has never been long lasted more than 1 week.

Many reasons are behind such as. Couldn’t live up to the expectations, fake identities and instant crush and attractions.

10. Weird way of break up

weird break up

It is hilarious that 48% of online relationship ends through E-mail. Isn’t is hilarious? One of the main reason why people decide to turn on each other like this is because they simply don’t want to confront each other.

These kind of stats basically suggest that loving and breaking up on each other is so instant and weird. No wonder these things are the reason why people suffer from mental dis-balance later on.

Well dating websites are much fun and a very awesome place to meet new and lovely people. But it can also cause you heavy trouble. So stay safe when you log in next time.

This is all for now. What are your opinions on dating websites? comment your opinions in the box below and for more articles related to love and relationship, stay connected to Anniversary Roses.


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