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Top 10 Free Online Dating Websites


Best of free online dating is here

Online dating websites has its own spark. Apart from different subscription packages, it is free online dating websites, that has made online dating everyone’s favorite.

With the modern digitization of everything, even our love has digitized. There was a time, when only social networking website and instant messaging app, were considered as the the most genuine and reliable source of interacting people.

The existence of free online dating websites, has been prevailing for a very good time, but the pace and adaption of free online dating websites, has picked up a good amount of growth in the past 2 decades.


One of the main reasons behind the epic emergence of free online dating websites in the whole world, is due to many reasons, such as, higher standard of living, better medium of connectivity and most importantly, desire of connecting to each other.

When it comes to online dating, not only it is one of the best ways to meet and to find your choice, but it is also one of the fastest growing services in the world.

According to several reports, every 1/3 married couple in the United States, met each other, at some kind of online dating website.

One of the main reasons why it is achieving this amount of success, is due to many reasons and one of the main reasons is, free online dating websites.

There are numerous free online dating websites, and we are going to bring, 10 of the best free online dating websites in the world.

1. Plenty of fish


Well, this one is destined to be on the top. Plenty of fish is by far, the best free online dating website in the world.

This website has around 40 million users and, it is one of those free online dating websites in the world, that offers both free and premium packages to its subscribers.

2. Mingle2


Mingle2 is second on the list of 10 best free online dating websites. It is free as well as paid. It is one of the simplest and basic websites with plethora of premium packages as well.

This website has claimed that they have matched and paired, around 120,000 couples yet.

3. OKCupid


One of the most popular free online dating websites in the world, OKcupid takes the third spot.

With around 8 million users worldwide. This website offers free as well as various types of premium services for its subscribers all around the world.



Even after being a smaller website than as compared to the above three, is on the fourth place of best free online dating websites.

It is one of the best sites for meeting new types of people in the whole world. It has around 200,000 subscribers.

5. Woo Me


Moving on to the fifth spot, we have Woo Me in our list of best free online dating websites.

One of the best parts about this website, is that it allows its users to chat with each other, using a webcam and microphone.

It is available in paid and free form.



One of the most interesting names here,, is that website, that will allow you to interact and to date, people from your high school and college.

It is available in free and paid for for around 200,000 users in the world worldwide.

7. Passionnetwork


Next is It is one of the best classified and well presented free online dating websites in the whole community.

It is different that as compared to others, when you log in from this website, you will be asked to fill a niches. It is totally free.



If you are one of those fans, who are looking for personal long time relationship or serious relationship, then should be in your list.

It is one of those customized websites, that will allow you to search, on the basis of your location, job profile and other things.


Bookofmatches- as Top 10 Free Online Dating Websites

Widely knonwn as BoM, is one of those few websites, that is known for its super fast process in everything.

It is free, simple and fast. All you have to do is to sign up here as your personal profile, and according to website, it barely takes 30 seconds in the whole process.

10. Casual kiss


Casual kiss is on the last spot of our countdown of best free online dating websites.

It is one of those websites that is free and for premium services, they charge just $5. Its premium subscription includes, access to birthday list, confession page and other things.

Well, there is no doubt that in this world, along with these websites, there are many other websites as well, that are doing a pretty fine job.

This is all for now. What do you think about these free online dating websites? Would you like to add any other free online dating websites?

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