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What Not to do in Online Dating

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What you should avoid in online dating

Online dating has achieved unprecedented heights in over the past few years. It has become a symbol of love via internet these days.

Internet is basically connecting more people. The world has evolved into an unparalleled level. From the radio to the internet, we have evolved a lot. But one thing that has remained the same, one universal similarity, us, the human connection.

Online dating cover

It is only through online dating websites, singles have met many people online and successfully written their love stories. But just like a coin, online dating too has an opposite side and that opposite side is very dark.

But few precautions and common sense can make things much safer and better in a relationship. So, let’s have a quick look on the ten things you should not do in online dating.

1. Trusting blindly

Dont trust easily in online dating

The biggest peace of advice you can ever get from anyone is to do not trust anyone blindly. And when it comes to online dating, think twice before trusting someone.

There are many instances available that highlight the consequences of blind faith in an online dating. You should think about every aspect related to your online partner before going forward.

2. Acting carelessly

Dont be careless in online dating

Another logical advice for online dating is that you need to be attentive. We are not telling you to keep an eye on them all the time but at least stay alert.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. You should think about the possible reason of any activity in your online dating relationship.

3. Judging a book by its cover

Dont judge a book by its cover in online dating

We all want that our partner must be good looking and must have nice background. But we would advice you to never judge a person on the basis of his DP or his status.

There are many examples available where people are being fooled by a fake account holder. Most of the time, when two online love birds meet each other, they were shocked because of the difference in terms of look.

But it is also possible that a most boring person you ever met online is the most nicest one.

4. Meeting very early


Always thing twice before meeting a person. It is OK that you have chatted so long, telephonic conversation is also fine but when it comes to meeting, you should think about this step.

Always go for meeting only after confirming about them. Initial meeting should take place in a nice public places instead of lonely places.

5. Being used

Dont be used in online dating

Well, this one is totally personal. In my opinion, you should never cross the limit of online dating. It is fine to have good talk but whenever you feel that they are trying to oppress you in any way, you should come back strongly.

Online dating has also become a place for mental abuse and you should always be out of it.

6.  Sharing personal information

Dont share personal info in online dating

In online dating there is always a chance of being cyber bullied, there are numbers of cases available where people are mentally, sexually and financially abused.

So, do everything like every other couple. But, think many times wisely before sharing your pictures and other private things like Email address, Bank account number and home address.

7. Hiding your status and requirement

clear your status in online dating

When it comes to online dating, you should always be clear. You should talk about very openly and clearly regarding your requirements, your future plans etc.

Making these things clear in advance will always help you and moreover, it will help you to meet better person that you are looking for.

8. Hiding your past life

Never hide your past in online dating

During online dating, you should never hesitate about talking your past history related to relationships.

You should discuss that what kind of person you have dated before and what were the reasons of splitting away. These things will make your virtual relationship smoother and transparent.

9. Being dominant

dont be dominant in online dating

Never be dominant in an online dating. You should always listen their point of view as well. Whether you are a boy or a girl, by dominating each other in a relationship you can’t achieve anything.

Try to listen each other’s point of view instead of bragging about yourself. The more cooperative you can be, the more successful your relationship will be.

10. Being afraid of breaking up

Dont be afraid of breaking up in online dating

The last thing you should never do in an online dating is to be afraid of break up. It is very good that you are in a relationship with your partner but after sometime it is normal that the roots of relationship starts cracking.

It is our responsibility to make it better but if things are still not working that you should never hesitate of initiating break up. Sometimes a healthy and mutual break up is a perfect ending for love stories.

This is all we can suggest you that you should never do in online dating. However, it is up to your wisdom and interest, how you date each other online.

Do you agree with this list. Would you like to add something that a person should avoid in online dating? Comment in the box below for your opinions and for more articles related to love and relationship, stay connected to Anniversary Roses.


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