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Why Online Dating is Not Safe

fake existence in online dating

Let’s check the darkest side of online dating

Online dating is the most modern form of romance. Technology has evolved so much but the one thing that has remained the same,that  is human connection.

From falling in love through mails to dating each other through special dating websites, world has changed a lot. But one thing that has been the same since day one, is our emotions and affection.

We as humans, always thrive for affection and belonging. From the past few years, we have seen an enormous growth in the trend of people dating online each other.

CoverOnline dating is something that catches attention of everyone around the world. It is a platform where people meet each other and without even meeting each other they started liking or sometimes loving each other.

There are many well proclaimed websites that provide a well set up platform for young people to interact with each other. But, is this really that good? Is it really reliable? Is it safe enough?

Well, we have seen several cases of online fraud taking place in virtual relationship. With that thought in mind, let’s have a quick look on ten reasons why online dating is not safe.

1. You never know who you are talking to

Never know who you are talking to

The biggest reason I could ever present on why online dating is not safe is the reason, you never know who you are talking to. Online dating always lacks reliability in it.

When it comes to online dating, there is no significant proof you can get that the person you are talking to is your partner. There is always a possibility that his/her account may be being operated by a third person or anything else.

2. Fake Existence

fake existence in online dating

Arguably the biggest threat you can ever face is fake existence. It is always possible that a person, whom you are talking to for few years is actually a fake person. By fake, I am trying to coin that he/she may portrait something which they are not.

These things are always possible in online dating.

3. You never know who they are

You never know who they are in online dating

Let’s imagine, You have been dating a beautiful girl since last year. You have developed a very beautiful relationship with her and then all of sudden, you get to know that she is a male.

Cheating on the basis of fake account is the most common thing where people actually communicate with others through fake accounts. It is one of the biggest drawbacks of online dating.

4.  Lies and cheating

lies and cheat in online dating

If you are in a long distance relationship, you never know how much loyal they are. In case of online dating, cheating and lying to each other is very common.

Trust and loyalty towards each other is the biggest benchmark of any relationship and without it, no relationship can survive and in case of online dating, it always lacks trust.

5. Online fraud

Online fraud in online dating

People generally don’t talk about these things but in online dating, there is always a scope of online fraud with you.

With points I have mentioned above, there is always a chance that someone is trapping you for an online fraud with all of the fake encounters you have with them.

6. Lack of stability

lack of stability in online dating

There is no stability in online dating. You never know whether they are not trying to communicate you or is it just another problem.

If a person is only online during a certain time, then this will too affect the stability of your online relationship because of lack of availability in dating each other.

7. No meeting

No meeting in online dating

Worst part about falling in love with each other online, is no physical appearance of your partner. There is no scope of meeting. Even if you met them once or twice in lifetime, there is no scope of regular meeting like other couples. ‘

These things are one of the core reasons why virtual relationship fails. Because, you always miss your partner when you need them most and that leads to frustration in heart.

8. Mental depression

Depression in online dating

Fights and arguments are the most common part of every relationship. It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you are in, these things are bound to happen in online dating as well.

After fighting with your partner and not be in able to communicate with him properly always leads to frustration in mind and leads to mental depression.

9. Break up and patch up are just regular things

Break up and patch up in online dating

Let’s face it. Breaking up and patching up with each other in online relationship are just regular things. Online dating has always been so notorious because of these things.

You can see a lot of couples fighting and breaking up on regular basis with each other, basically it kills the legitimacy of relationship.

10. Threat to your private information

Threat to personal information


In my opinion, this is the biggest threat you will ever face in online dating. There is always someone that is looking to steal your personal information and misuse it. This includes, stealing your private number, hacking your social account, morphing and misusing your personal photos.

You can clearly check several instances that how a person was being cyber bullied like this.

Well this is just an another aspect of online dating that we were trying to present in front of you. Just like coins, it has an another side that is good as well.

It is all up to you that how you handle it.

This is all for now. What do you think about online dating? Do you agree with the list? Post your comments by clicking in the box below and for more articles related to love and relationship, stay connected to Anniversary Roses.


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