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10 Famous Gay Parents


Ten gay parents who are redefining love

Gay parents are not just a common thing. You have to face certain problems and complications in life, and you have to deal with those problems as well.

Gay relationship is a very complicated and sensitive topic to talk about. You can understand the level of sensitiveness this topic posses, as it has divided the world into two parts.

There are group of those people, who support homosexuality and demand same right and status, just like any other human being in the world.


And, we have a large group of people, who are completely against of this and consider this  an unnatural and illogical as well as disgusting.

They fanatically believes that these kind of elements should not prevail in the society as it will spoil our generation.

But besides all the negativity around it, homosexuality is growing day by day. In the past 5-7 years, we have witness an unprecedented rise in homosexuality in the countries like United States of America, France, Britain, Australia, Germany and others.

One of the biggest things, that has created a wave of homosexuality is, celebrity indulgence in these things.

As far as gay parenting is concerned, it is something that is hard to define. Gay parents are the one, who see child in a different perspective.

In the past few years, we have seen that a good amount of celebrities have proudly embraced gay parenting and are now proud gay parents. Few of them are following.

1. Ryan Murphy and David Miller

ryan-murphy-and-david-miller gay parents

Ryan Murphy is a famous script writer, who is known for his work in American Horror Story and Glee.

Ryan and Miller married in 2012 and as of now, they are proud parents of two children, Logan and Ford, thanks to surrogacy.

2. Sir Elton John and David Furnish


Sir Elton John is one of the proud gay parents in the world. He is an English composer, who decided to marriage his long time friend David Furnish in 2014.

This couple is one of the biggest examples of gay parents in the world. They have 2 sons named Zachary and Elijah, born in 2010 and 2013, thanks to surrogacy.

3. Richie Jackson and Jordan Roth


Richie Jackson and Jordan Roth are one of those celebrities, who has helps this community to legalize gay parents philosophy in many ways.

The couple has been with each other for a long time and in July 2016, they welcomed their first child together. She was named Levi, she was also born with the help of surrogacy.

4. Greg Rikaart and Rob Sudduth


One of the newest stars in the American entertainment industry, Greg Rikaart is also one of the gay parents in the world.

Greg is in a relationship with Rob Sudduth who is a TV writer. They welcomed their first child, with the help of surrogacy in June 2016.

5. Tony and Barrie Drewitt- Barlow


Well, this one is quite special. Tony and Barrie Drewitt- Barlow are one of those gay parents, who were in news few time ago.

One of the main reasons, why this couple made it into the limelight is because of the fact that, they were Britain’s first gay-dady with the help of surrogacy.

6. Denis’O Hare and Hugo Red wood


Denis’ O Hare is not only a successful star in Hollywood but also one of the proudest gay parents in town.

Last year, this couple adopted a 3 year old Declan, for which they received Love Define Family Award in Annual Raise a Child Award in May.

7. Rufus Wainwright and John Weisbrodt


This couple has been with each other for a very good time now. Rufus Wainwright and John

Weisbrodt welcomed their first baby girl in 2011 named Viva Katherine Wainwright Cohen.

Both are happy with their lives and they are working for human rights of gay in the world.

8. Alec Mapa and Jemison Hebert


One of the popular names in the Industry of documentary making and stand-up stories, Alex Mapa is one of those gay parents that proudly raise their hands about being gay.

Alec Mapa and Jemison Hebert adopted a five years old son named Zian in 2010.

9. Jared Polis and Marlon Rein


Not just celebrities from around the world has decided to be one of the gay parents in the world.

We have politicians as well. Jared Polis is an American politician and entrepreneur.

Jared Polis is one of those gay parents, who decided to break the odd, when he and his partner Marlon Rein celebrate the welcome of their first child in 2011.

10. Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent


We are winding up our list with Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent. One of the most popular celebrity designers Nate Berkus and his husband Jeremiah Brent is also a proud gay parents.

They are the proud gay parents of daughter named Poppy, born with the help of surrogacy.

Doesn’t matter if you are in favor of gay parents or not, you got to admit that they are setting new examples of love, affection and parenting in the whole world.

Well, this is all for now. What do you think about gay parents? What are your views on it?

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