Benefits of Single Parenting – Positive Effects of Being a Single Parent


There are a lot of benefits of single parenting and it’s peaceful for both you and your children.

As a single parent, one of my close friends is often put in situations where she has to deal with questions like, “How do you manage it all?”, “Isn’t it exhausting?” and “Don’t you feel your kids need a father in the long run?

The questions are mixed with feelings of awe and sympathy but I have always seen her answering them with courage.

It’s not like child rearing as a single parent is easy. It can be stressful but it isn’t as pitiful as everyone feels.

If you are one of these parents, I honour you for all that you do, every single day, to take care of your kids.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why I think single parenting should be celebrated.

Positive Effects of Being a Single Parent & Benefits of Single Parenting

Going solo does burden one with challenges, each day, but the single moms and dads do not mind these responsibilities as single parenting brings them a myriad of benefits.

1.     It is a stress-free environment as you are arguing less with your partner.

It is often noticed that when a marriage turns sour or contentious, spouses keep fighting which affects the harmonious relationship of the entire family.

how to be a good father to your son

Kids often stress about it and familial relationships turn toxic. Going solo parenting – being divorced, and focusing on the well-being of yourselves and your kids are what people should focus on in these situations.

A family with minimal tension will keep you and your kids relaxed. It will calm your household and will benefit your mental health.

It is one of the most amazing benefits of single parenting.

2.     The entire authority of your home and kids is now vested in you.

At times, married couples disagree on decisions regarding children’s betterment. And these arguments can affect your kids.

But when you are a single parent, you have all the choices and it is you who can take all the decisions regarding your little ones’ welfare in the long run.

Since you will be the only security blanket of your children, there will be financial pressure, but they will learn how to be independent. You will be their go-to haven.

Also, since you will be sans a partner, you won’t have to nag anybody about sharing responsibilities, monthly expenditures, and getting trivial household things done on time.

It will feel liberating. All the decisions you take at home will be yours and there will be extra freedom with a pinch of responsibilities.

3.     Your kids get your fullest attention.

Being a solo parent, your children will get all your attention that they need.

None of your time will be divided between your spouse and them and so, it won’t have them worrying about your love, care, and attention at all.

As a result, your bond with your children betters with time, so does your ex’s with them and the kids get twice of everything.

In simple words, benefits of single parenting mean nothing less for you but more for the kids! That’s a reason enough to celebrate, isn’t it?

4.     Your children look up to you as their role model.

One of the best things that can happen for you as a single mom or dad is that you can teach your kids that they’re enough.

They are strong and can be anything they want to be. Whatever happens, they will be able to make it through. And do you know where they will learn it from? YOU.

Yes, looking at you managing everything on your own, facing the everyday challenges, emergencies, as well as making up time for the little family, they will learn that it is possible to survive on one’s own and empower oneself.

Your children will know that it’s better to thrive on your own rather than being in a bad relationship.

Be it emotionally, socially, mentally, or professionally, you will be able to rear a healthy and strong child.

When you look at it, it does sound like a great benefit of single parenting.

5.     Your kids will grow up to be responsible adults.

Studies say, kids from single parents, comparatively, grow up to be more responsible.

They learn team work and the importance of planning and managing chores on their own from a very young age. It’s a huge win.

Doing laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, name it and your children are trained in them from childhood.

And when you learn things from such a tender age, you live with them lifelong.

As an additional benefit of single parenting, you won’t have them depending on you for every little thing and that’s a huge relief. I’m sure you know!

6.      Financial benefits of being a single mom or dad.

Now that you are independent parent, all the decisions regarding the financial management of your home is yours.

You are free to decide how to spend your money – how much on your kids and yourself.

Even if splurging a bit is on your cards, since the finances are now totally under your control, you can always take the right call.

What’s even better is that you can teach your kids how to be independent, earn their own monies, and manage their own finances.

You will see your kids growing up learning the value of money which will help them do better, professionally, later on in life.

While it looks like there are several benefits of single parenting, you cannot deny that it may stress you out at times. There are certain disadvantages that we cannot ignore.

There’s lot to do as you have nobody to share your responsibilities with and hence, going solo in child rearing can be tiresome. So, it’s about time we discuss them too. 

Negative Effects of Single Parenting

Let’s focus on the disadvantages that you will have to deal with a single parent.

1.     Financial management is such a task.

If you are a single mom or dad, handling all the expenses on your own is quite tiresome. You will be the only providing for every little thing, starting from your household expenses to your children’s pleasures.

This will compel you to juggle among more than a single job to support your small family.

This can have a negative impact on you and your health. You might lose out on some me-time and miss spending time with your kids.

If you plan out your budget well ahead in time, it will help you manage your monies and keep you out of the vicious circle of finance management.

2.     You will be burdened with work.

Now, imagine you are the only one taking care of your home, your kids, your jobs, and all your additional responsibilities.

You have lots to do and only yourself to rely on. Moreover, if your kids are young, it’s going to be too tough to manage it all.

3.      You may feel the absence of a partner in the later stages of life.

When you are healing from a bad marriage, you may not feel like getting into any relationship ever again.

But once you leave the negativity behind, you may feel like you’re missing out a lot in life as you do not have a partner.

You may feel lonely and crave someone’s company and attention in your life even after having your children around you.

4.     Your children may react negatively to your single status and disciplining them may be difficult.

You will not be the only one dealing with the stress and loss of a relationship and a partner, your children might be affected too.

Adjusting to the idea that they now only have a mom or dad around at all times can be pretty difficult.

They can turn troublesome and rebellious. Kids at times also feel abandoned in such situations if what they wanted was to live with both their parents.

You can try to discipline them, of course but that might also backfire.

What you can do is be open to them and talk to them about your situation and explain to them that nothing changes in their lives except that their parents will live separately.

But they will be loved, attended to, and taken care of by both their mom and dad at all times.

So, how to celebrate a single parent family and let your children reap the benefits of single parenting?

It is tough to go solo – be it child raising or running an entire organization.

You will be posed with so many choices where you have to take decisions that are for the betterment of your child at the cost of your job, mental peace, health, finances, and a lot more.

But no matter what, in the end, it will all be worth it because you know you’ve done it all – like a boss!

I know cannot be present with you in your struggle each day but I can most certainly help you minimize all the stress that you have to go through.

Here are some tips that will give you the confidence to take baby steps in accepting the newness in your and your baby’s life and do everything possible to shine as a single parent family.

  • Make sure you spend a lot of quality time with your children, no matter what you’re emotional, financial, or time constraints are.
  • Make it a point that you open up to them about your struggles and tell them that you’re going to face the challenges as a team.
  • If your children have something to tell you, that should be your first priority. Attend to them, and resolve their issues before you tend to your own.
  • Go out often with your kids. Teach them to have fun and plan activities that they love to do.
  • Do not give up on your own life. A parent’s emotional status directly affects their children.
  • So, if you are happy and positive about life, they will be too. Also, give yourself ample time to heal, settle down, and do not close your doors on a new relationships.
  • Having a good partner in life may not be necessary but is very comforting.
  • Indulge in self-love and me-time. Spending a good time with yourself doing things that you love is also necessary.
  • Go out with friends, read books, listen to music, watch movies, and make plans for yourself that will keep you happy.

You may have chosen to become a single parent been compelled to live this life due to certain unforeseen situations.

But whatever the reason, the journey ahead, no matter how tough it looks, shall only be a happy one filled with positivity, hope, and lots of parent-kid bonding.

So, be a safe haven and confidante for each other! 😊

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