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Gay Parenting Pros and Cons


The good and bad about gay parenting

Gay parenting is now no longer a myth. It has now become a part of reality. But it has its own pros and cons that is hard to define.

There was a time when gay relationship, gay marriage and gay parenting was used to despised by the society.

But over the past few years, we have seen that there is an emergence of good amount of acceptance of gay relationship and gay parenting in the different parts of the world.

However, in some parts of the world, neither it is legalized by the law, nor it is accepted by the society yet.


There are many theories that support and despise this kind of relationship.

One of the biggest logic the supporter of gay relationship and gay parenting gives is, that it their lives and they can live the way they want.

On the other hand, those who doesn’t support gay relationship philosophy, says that this is unnatural and it cannot be accepted by the law and society in any mean.

But, what gay parenting truly is? What is it all about?

In order to understand gay parenting, first we need to know who are gay.


In the most common words, gay can be defined as a male person who is homosexual. Or in other words a person tend to make relationship with same gender.

Gay parenting

Gay parenting is a process in which, two male persons raise one or more than one children together as a parent.

There are many ways by which a gay couple can become parent such as adoption, surrogacy and donor insemination.

Following are the pros of gay parenting

1. Focus on children


One of the main advantages of gay parenting is that it directly focuses on child.

Doesn’t matter how hard you homosexual relationship is going on, the attention will always be on the child.

2. Home for an orphan


One of the most general ways by which every gay couple becomes a gay parents is with the help of adoption.

As a couple, they always desire to have kids to make them complete. One of the best way to be a parent is by adopting a baby from orphan house.

Not only it will complete them but it will also give an orphan a house and a family.

3. More understanding


One of the best parts about gay parenting is that it always sets the benchmark of mutual understanding.

It is generally believe that gay couples share better mutual understanding than as compared to other relationships which will always be fruitful for them.

4. Better upbringing

better-upbringing as Gay Parenting Pros and Cons

There is a belief that the children who are grown by the gay parents are better raised in few terms than as compared to straight parents.

Gay parents are much practical and logical in terms of upbringing the children and this is one of the main reasons why they are better raised.

5. Role model


It is not an easy task to be a gay parent. You have to face a lot of difficulties and complications in order to raise them.

But, still there are many gay parents proudly upbringing  their child and have become a role model for their kids and the society.

Just like everything, gay parenting has its own flaws, which are as following.

1. Lack of balanced parenting


Gay parenting always lacks balance parenting and this is why it is one of the main reasons why it suffers.

It is because in gay parenting you are going to meet all your requirement by only male parents. there is no scope of female parent in it and this is why it always lacks balance in parenting.

2. Social despise


In my opinion, this is is the biggest reason why gay parenting always suffers.

As I said before, that gay relationship is not socially accepted in most of the parts of the world, they

have to face a lot of difficulties and complication which directly affects their life.

3. Illegal


There are only few countries which has accepted and have made separate laws for gay relationship and the protection of their rights.

But there are many countries in the world, who are completely against this things and consider it as unnatural.

4. Difficulties for children


As a child, who is raised by a gay parent, has to face a lot of difficulties in life.

It is very general that they are bullied by the society through out the life.

These things not only affect them mentally but it also makes them ashamed of being raised by gay parents in different occasions of life.

We have seen many cases where gay couples are being harassed and brutalized in the world. You can check the level of hate they are facing in this world.

Well, as a citizen of ideal society, I believe that there is no way you can push anyone. We all are humans and we all are equal.

This is all for now. What do you think about it? What are your views on gay parenting?

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