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How to be a Good Parent


Tips for being the super parent of your child

Parents and good parent. There is a small difference between these two words but the impact is too big. Because raising a child is not an easy task. It is one of the most beautiful but difficult task ever assigned.

One of the main reasons why parenting is so complicated is because of all the hectic task you need to do up bring your child. From sleepless nights to financial crisis, you handle everything for your child.


Parenting is the biggest thing you can gift to your child. It is something beyond description.

Every parent wants to do best for their child. There is no shadow of doubt in it. But why sometimes it seems that our upbringing was unsuccessful. This is why there is a difference between parents and good parents.

This is why we are going to present 12 best tips that will help you to be a good parent.

1. Love and affection


There is nothing that can replicate your love and affection towards your child. Love of parents is the ultimate thing a child can ever have.

A child’s upbringing is mostly affected how they were treated in the childhood. A childhood filled with love and affection will be the best thing you can do for them.

2. Best environment


Just like love and affection, environment plays a huge and crucial role in anyone’s life. Having a toxic environment can ruin your child’s upbringing.

In order to be a good parent, you need to provide your children a healthy and positive environment that can help them to grow well. No matter what you do, you should always provide best environment for your child to grow.

3. Be strict not harsh


Discipline makes a child great. But at what cost you should teach your child some disciplines and manners in life?

Not every child is perfect, some are naughty and notorious. Make sure to be politely strict with your child instead of bring harsh with them.

4. Never compromise with study


The biggest things that shape your child’s future is education. Education is the only thing apart from your value and belief that will make them great.

When it comes to your child’s education, you should never compromise anything. There is no alternative of studies in life and you have to give your best for it.

5. Praise your child


There is no rule that you have to praise your child if they won huge accolades. Praise related to small accomplishment will help your child to grow self image.

Praising your child in small things such as polishing of shoes, car wash, painting etc, will help your child to build confidence.

6. Never compare them


One of the biggest things that hurt children is comparison. No matter what a comparison is, it breaks the morale of  a person and in case of children, they are more sensitive.

Not every children is same. Each child has its own specialty. Doesn’t matter if you are comparing your child with anyone else in a light way, it hurts them a lot. Being a good parent, you should always avoid this.

7. Listen to your children

listen-to-your children

This is where difference begin. We all are too busy with our life and sometimes we couldn’t listen what our children are trying to say.

There is always a time when kids want to share something with their parents, being a good parent, you should always listen to your children.

8. Don’t control too much


Good parent never control too much. There will always be a time when your small kid will grow up and at that point you should stop controlling them too much.

Be a boy or a girl, at one point we all want freedom in life to do some things, and being a good parent, you need to stop controlling them too much.

9. Be there


There are few things that you and your child will never forget. In my opinion, this makes a huge difference between parent and good parent.

There are few special moments in life when your kids need you to be there to support and to appreciate them such as, winning first prize, annual day function, first day of college etc.

10. Be a friend


You don’t need to be a parent to be a good parent all the time. If you are sharing friendly relations with your child, things will be much easy and better for you.

There are few times when a child hesitate to talk to parents. At that time being a friend will help you a lot in order to handle these things.

11. Make them a good person


It is only mother and father who can teach a child to be a good person in life. Friends, partner, teacher comes later. Parents are the first teacher of children’s life.

Being a good parent, you should always teach your children good thing that will help them to be a good citizen and a good person in the society.

12. Plan in advance


Love, affection, discipline, ethics these are those thing that will intellectually shape your child. But in the modern day, these things aren’t the only thing good parent do.

Being a good parent, you should always be ready to tackle all the financial and mental complications related to your children’s life.

Always make fund related to your children’s education, marriage and health.

I know it is not easy to be a good parent. But every parent wants to be a super hero for their children.

This is it for now. What do you think about it, How would you be a good parent in life? Feel free to comment in the box below and for more articles related to love and relationship, keep visiting Anniversary Roses.


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