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Parenting Styles Around the World


Let’s see, how parenting styles differs around the globe

Parenting has its own value, it is the most basic things that defines whole life of a child. The way we nourish our child makes the main difference between parents and good parents. This is why parenting styles around the world differs.

It is one of those things that is very essential through out the life. There is no ending of parenting in life. There are many people who claim that, once a person gets married, parenting ends from parents side. But in my opinion this is not true, parenting never ends.


As far as parenting is concerned, there are many reasons why parenting styles around the world differs. Few reasons such as, demographic conditions, environment, society, living standard and mentality. These are those reasons that played a crucial factor in parenting of child.

No matter which corner of the world you look at, one main objective of every parenting styles around the world is to up bring their child in the best possible way.

So, how many types of parenting styles are there in the world? Let’s have a quick look on the ten best different parenting styles around the world.

1. India

parenting styles in india

Arguably, one of the most pampered place of parenting styles in the world. India is place where children are considered as angles or god’s gift, specially girls.

It is also one of those orthodox places where children are kept in tissues for various reasons. India is also a place where education is the main factor of a child’s upbringing.

2. U.S.A

parenting styles in USA

United States is considered as the land of freedom and liberty and we can see that in the parenting styles in the United States.

America is a place where the main objective of parenting style is to make child dependent. Parents in the United States, provides good amount of responsibility and independence to their children.

It is a general belief that children in U.S leave their homes by the age of 17, in order to become independent.

3. China

parenting styles in china

Chinese parenting styles is almost opposite to the United States, and some how some way have more correlation to India parenting styles.

Just like Indian parenting style, Chinese are much concerned towards the education of children. In China, children are generally bind by the family complications. The older Chinese children get, the more their parents remind them of their duties towards the family.

4. Finland

parenting styles in finland

Finland is generally considered as one of the most modern and stress free parenting styles in the whole world.

In Finland, Finnish children do not begin academics learning until the age of 7. Finland is generally considered as one of the latest and modern technique of parenting styles in the world.

5. Korea

parenting styles in korea

Korea is one of those place that emphasis on the daily life skills of a child. Believe it or not, but eating food is one of the main important aspect of parenting in Korea.

Korean parents put so much emphasis on these things. They believe, eating food shows your manners and respect for others. Children in Korea are taught the value of waiting, till the whole family sit down and eat together.

6. Africa

parenting styles in africa

One of the most poor countries in the world are not so poor in terms of parenting styles. It is a place where parents don’t feel shame in sharing breast feeding with others.

There are some places in Africa where different mindset exist. Such as, zero eye contact with new born babies in Kenya. Spitting on baby’s face by parents in Mauritania.

7. Germany

parenting styles in germany

Germany is one of the most modern example of parenting styles in the world. Germans are supported by government and society for parenting their child.

In Germany, women can go on maternity leave six weeks before they are due and allowed for delivery. They get 200 Euros per month. German kids are taught to be in manners and discipline.

8. Britain

parenting styles in britain

We are going to consider British and Irish children here because of the similarities in the parenting styles of the two countries.

Traditionally. British and Irish parents save the top tier of their wedding cake for their first child’s christening.

These child are taught to be in manner and clean all the time, like the royal babies.

9. Vietnam

parenting styles in vietnam

Vietnam kids upbringing is based on the basis of the legacy they possessed. Vietnam kids are conspired as sweetest and most innocent in the region.

It is a matter of fact that, most of the kids in Vietnam love their grandparents more than their parents.

10. Japan

parenting styles in japan

One of the smartest people on the earth has its own smart way of parenting styles in the world.

Just like U.S.A, Japanese parents allow their kids to enjoy great amount of independence. If you ever visit Japan, you would see that only 4-5 years old kids are riding their way to subway by themselves.

Japanese parents put emphasis on education and freedom in parenting.

This is it for now. Do we forgot any of your favorite parenting styles in the world? Feel free to comment in the box below and for more articles related to love and relationship, stay in touch with Anniversary Roses.


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