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Process of Gay Parents and Surrogacy- Legal, Medical and Financial


Different aspects of gay parents and surrogacy

Process of gay parents and surrogacy is hectic and complicated. It is something that has a lot of steps, that everyone needs to follow.

As far as gay parenting is concerned, things are much difficult and complicated for them, they have to face a lot of obstacles and problems from the society.


This whole process of being a gay parent and surrogacy includes legal, medical and financial procedures that needed to be followed by everyone.

Following are the process of certain things.

A. Legal process of gay parents and surrogacy


When it comes to legal process of gay parents and surrogacy, the first thing, as gay couple you need to consider is, whether its legal in your home country or not.

Gay parent and surrogacy is a very difficult and complicated task one can handle. There are few countries, in which the whole process of gay parents and surrogacy is legal and supported by the government.

And then, there are group of those countries, who are completely against of it, and consider this whole process of gay parents and surrogacy, as unnatural.

And in last, we have group of those countries, who partially support the process of gay parents and surrogacy, but they have banned it commercially


  1. Countries, where the process of gay parents and surrogacy is legal

As of 2013, India, United States of America, Georgia, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine are the list of those countries who support this whole process is legal.

2. Countries, where the process of gay parents and surrogacy is partially legal/ illegal

Australia, Spain, UK, China and Canada, these are the name of those countries, where this process of gay parents and surrogacy is allowed but they didn’t allow any commercial form of it.

3. Countries where the process of gay parents and surrogacy is illegal

Most of countries are totally against of this whole process of gay parents and surrogacy. These countries are Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Austria, Singapore and many others.

Legal framework of gay parenting an surrogacy


One things that always plays a huge and crucial role in this process, is legal framework and law, designed and set up by government body.

The law and regulation regarding this process is highly differs from country to country, the whole process of gay parents and surrogacy, is highly affected by the legal framework setup by the various countries.

For example, in India, there is no specific legal framework for this process, in countries like Australia, China, Spain and Canada, the rules are very tight and complicated whereas in other parts, it is totally banned.

Rights of a surrogate mother


Another special thing about this whole process is, that there are few countries, who have provided special law and rights for the surrogate mother.

Surrogate mother has all the rights to change her mind and to keep the baby.

In that case,  few countries have no law where as few countries have. In such case, intermediate are hire to settle the case.

B. Medical process of gay parents and surrogacy

Medical process here, basically depends on your feasibility. There are basically two choices, by which a gay couple can become parent, with the help of surrogacy

1. Traditional surrogacy


Traditional surrogacy is also known as old school method of surrogacy, in which artificial fertilization of the surrogate mother is done, with the help of sperm of original father.

Once the artificial fertilization is done, a child can be preserve in the womb of the mother.

2.  Gestational Surrogacy

gestational surrogacy

This type of process is more expensive than as compared to its counter part, but it is more stable and reliable.

In gestational surrogacy, In vitro Fertilization (IVF) is used, under this, woman egg are gather together and later it is fertilized with the sperm of father.

In the end, it is placed the embryo into the uterus of gestational surrogate.

Once, any of these process is done, a baby can be kept in a woman’s womb and after 9 months, when a baby born, woman has to relinquish the child to the gay parents or any other official parent.

Both these process are scientifically proven and have a success rate of over 85%.

C. Financial process of gay parents and surrogacy

This whole process is not cheap. You have to spend a lot of bucks for a successful surrogacy.

There are certain things that always matter and that makes this whole process costly.

1. Agency/hospital expenses


One of the basic and most costly expenses in this process is hospital or an agency, that is going to conduct this process.

It is obvious that modern machines and equipment comes at a price and more over the charges of doctor and hospitals are very high.

2. Surrogate mother compensation


Keeping a baby in the womb for around 9 moths is not an easy task. The charges of surrogate mother is based on the basis of your negotiations and country.

3. Other expenses


Apart from above mentioned expenses, there are a lot of expenses, a couple has to face. Many expenses such as regular medical treatment, regular medical checkups, legal paper work and many other things.

Financial schemes

It is very hard to manage these kind of expenses singlehandedly. In most of the developed countries, you can manage to have, infertility loans, equity loans and other financial schemes.

Best feasible financial option for the process of gay parents and surrogacy

surrogacy-in-india process of gay parents and surrogacy

There are many countries, that are performing this whole process. In the United States of America and other countries, this whole process may reach up to $40000-50000.

India, in the past few years have become the biggest destination of surrogacy. People from all over the world, are considering this place as a better option because of its comparatively low cost.

On an average, this whole process of gay parents and surrogacy in India costs around $ 10000-25000, with highly trained professionals and modern facilities.

These things are so delicate and takes lots of patience and determination. It is our duty to accept these things with open arms.

This is all for now. What do you think about this whole process of gay parents and surrogacy?

Do you find this whole process of gay parents and surrogacy hectic or it is feasible?

In case you have got any thought, feel free to comment in the box below. And for more articles related to love, relationship and parenting, stay in touch with Anniversary Roses.


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