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Tips for Parenting the Troubled Teen

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Parenting is arguably the toughest task one can ever imagine as a parent. Things are more complicated when you are parenting the troubled teen.

Raising a teen is not an easy task to do. It is one of those time when we have to take care of our child at the top most level.

One of the biggest reason why parenting the troubled teen is a complicated task is because of the age they are passing through. Teenage is considered as the most troublesome phase of a human life. It is a time when a teenager want to fly high with no boundation and limit in life.


During the teenage, we evolve from a kid to a grown person. Our hormone evolved and more importantly, a person evolve physically and mentally.

It is a matter of fact that during this age, most of the child straggle in to unfavorable world. Due to lack of maturity and over excitement, we made several mistakes in the teenage.

While parenting the troubled teen, you may face many problems such as, aggressive and rebellious behavior, substance abuse problems, mental health, isolation and others.

It is necessary to to deal with these child’s in a mature and positive way and we are here to tell you best tips for parenting the troubled teen.

1. Be calm

be-calmAn eye for eye will make the whole world blind. You cannot deal aggression with aggression.

Keeping your mind calm, is the most basic thing you can do for parenting the troubled teen. In teenage, it is normal to react over and loud and sometime violent as well. As a parent, you need to be calm and cool all the time.

2. Praise them


Appreciation always makes a person happy and in case of a spoiled teen, this is always going to help you.

Praising your child in small things, will always help them to believe that there is someone who cares about them, someone who really think about them.

3. Decide rules in advance


Teenagers doesn’t like rules and regulation. There is no rocket science to figure out this and this is also correct that it is that age where rules are our biggest enemy.

In order to tackle this problem, what parents need to do, is to create a set of rules and regulation in advance.

By setting these kind of standard, not only you can easily set up some rules in family but it will also easy for them to obey it.

4. Talk to them directly


There is no alternate of communication. A must thing you need to do in order to parenting the troubled teen, is to have direct communication with them.

Not only it will help you to understand their behavior but it will also help you to find out the problems and it will also help them to eradicate those problems.

5. Listen to them


One of the main reason behind children and parents fight in teenage is because, most of the time teenagers think that their parents don’t listen to them.

Reason could be anyone, but for parenting the troubled teen, it is the most important for you to listen to them.

You need to listen what they are trying to say, what is the logic behind it and many other things.

6. Be a friend


Sometimes a friend can do such things, a parent couldn’t. And in the teenage, friendship is the closest thing they consider to themselves.

For parenting the troubled teen, you should stop being a parent all the time. Sit back, and try to be a friend with them. Trust me, it will work.

7. Teach them the difference between right and wrong


As I said above, teenage is the age of spoiled kids. It is an age where we find ourselves committing too many mistakes.

It is your duty and responsibility, to teach them a lesson about what is wrong and what is right. Show them a clear picture of what to do and what not to do.

8. Give them some space


This is the biggest complain of teenagers that, their parents don’t give them enough space to live their life according to themselves.

Now for parenting the troubled teen, you need to compromise with your strictness. You should give them enough liberty in order to feel refresh. You need to change your approach according to the time.

9. Don’t give up on your kid


For parenting the troubled teen, you are going to face many problems. Sometimes you will feel that, this is not going to work anymore.

This is the most negative thing you should always avoid while parenting the troubled teen. No matter how worse things are, you should never give up on your child. Always believe that everything will be alright.

10. Love and support them


I don’t need to explain this one, but love and support is the biggest weapon you have for parenting the troubled teen.

In the teenage, tell them how much they mean to you. Show them how much you love them. Make them feel that how much you care about them.

Thing things will make your child believe that someone is always there to support you and to love you in life.

This is all we have in the list of 10 best tips for parenting the troubled teen. What do you think about it? What are your tips for parenting the troubled teen?

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